Get The Look with Bellabox

It’s that time of the year; the time when summer soirees start to fill up social calendars everywhere!

And while it’s fun to pre-plan your party looks far, far in advance (right down to the final touches like your earrings and nail polish shade, if you’re anything like me!) it can be worth taking a more relaxed approach.
This season, beauty is all about bridging the gap between glam and natural. Instead of super dark eye makeup, or lipsticks in every colour, keep it clean and simple with a lightly bronzed feel, and plenty of glow.

Here’s how…

Natural doesn’t mean boring. And you can still work a smoky eye without going too heavy.
Just opt for a neutral palette of browns and shimmering golds rather than blacks.
Start by washing your entire eyelid with a creamy biscuit colour, like ‘Shimmer’ from ibeauty cosmetics. Then, apply a deeper, darker shade, like ‘Foxy’ right at the outer corner, in a sideways V shape - sweep into the crease of your eyelid, out to the outer corner of your eye, and back in, along your lash line.
Then blend, blend, blend!

For some extra definition around the eyes, line with a bronze pencil, like the Eye of Horus Bronze Amulet Goddess Pencil and smudge a little around the lower lashes. Then add false lashes along the top. I like cult brand, Eylure.

For the face, keep things glowy. Apply your base as normal (you know what suits you!) but add a touch of shimmer one top, with an illuminating bronzer. Try the MeMeMe Shimmer Brick for a multidimensional glow. Just sweep a bronzing brush through the palette and swipe upwards, along your cheekbones towards your temples.

Don’t forget the rest of your bod when it comes to naturally glam summer skin either. Keep the rest of your bod shimmery and smooth with an illuminating body hydrator. I love the PRTTY PEAUSHUN (pronounced Pretty Potion) which adds a subtle glow (no OTT glitter) and a touch of instant faux-tan that washes right off in the shower.

Lastly, the lips. Keep them light and neutral, with just a hint of caramel nude, to tie in with your bronzed smokey eye. Try the bellabox Pout Pencil in Nuuude for a creamy tone and texture, and a nourishing formula thanks to Vitamin E, that wont dry out your lips, even after a few party drinks!


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