I think my last few posts have really covered off how to go about looking good on the outside for the upcoming season but what about feeling good on the inside, I hear you ask? 
Well, first of all – good question – and secondly, here you go.

Part of looking good for summer is feeling good about yourself. And I’m not talking a small part, or a medium sized part, I think a HUGE part of looking good is feeling good – all year round! Unfortunately, it’s not always as easy as it sounds. Personally, if I had to give the relationship between myself and my body throughout my life it would have be “It’s Complicated”, until recently. And here I am about to let you in on the greatest thing I have discovered about body love.

This year I signed up to an all-girls boxing class run by one of my best friends, and the greatest guy in the world, and discovered a new passion! Initially I loathed it, I used to dread Monday nights and would mentally tick off many an excuse to get out of it before finally giving in and going, until one day I realised I felt different. I suddenly felt strong and fit. And all of a sudden Monday nights couldn’t come fast enough, I looked forward to the physical and mental release and nothing felt as satisfying as the pool of sweat I was left in by the end of the class!

 Now if you had asked me a year ago if I wanted to come to a boxing class I would have laughed in your face. I am the ultimate girly-girl, I love getting my nails done, my wardrobe is exploding in lace and frills and pink and I consider shopping my main form of therapy. And suddenly I was passionate about letting loose and punching people (in a controlled setting of course, I hadn’t suddenly started assaulting people in the street or anything!) 

And what I’ve realised in all of this madness is that the more I enjoyed the exercise I was doing the less I cared about how I looked and the more I appreciated just what my body is capable of! I know that is the kind of thing you hear pregnant women say but it’s so true! We are capable of being strong and sweaty and sexy all at once! So if you are still shaking off a couple of nerves about getting into your summer styles then my only advice is to head out and find a form of exercise your passionate about. It can be anything from a dance class to a swimming pool – find something that your passionate about and all of a sudden you won’t be exercising ‘because you have to’ but because you want to! 

Go get ‘em girls!


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