Sally's Summer Essentials Guide

It’s here. Well, almost. Summer is in the air and I for one am so freaking excited!

I am spending my days daydreaming about tans, new clothes, sexy new summer shoes, and long warm nights full of adventure! I am not, however, looking forward to that little piece of anxiety that creeps up around the start of summer when I gradually lose all those comfortable layers I’ve been huddled in for the last few months – and I have a feeling I’m not the only one!

So, I have put together my own list of tips on how to beat the summer freak-out and keep your mind focussed on all the phenomenal summer days ahead:

1. The clothes! I know there is a total level of enjoyment in being huddled deep in layer after layer of soft and cosy cloth but there is an equal amount of enjoyment in a loose flowing dress that shows off just enough skin and hangs in just the right way to show off my fabulous summer tan! And from what I have already seen of CC’s new summer range we have oh-so-much to look forward to! 

2. The make-up. Now I personally see the arrival of a new season as an opportunity for me to start testing out all the newest trends in make-up. In the past this has been quite the drag on the old purse-strings but this year a guardian angel came down from the sky to tell me all about this insane new idea (well I read Courtney’s post on the CC Facebook page but I like to think of her as a bit of a guardian angel, at least when it comes to fashion and beauty!) Bellabox is an amazing company that allows you to purchase and trial sample sized beauty products to see if they work for you before investing in the real deal! Since I believe in investing in separate make-up for winter and summer Bellabox is a reliable little saviour for my conscious and my bank balance! Summer is all about bronzed, glowing skin, smokey eyes and fruity-coloured lips – and Bellabox has ALL of this covered!

3. The vibe. Summer is all about staying up late, having fun adventures and soaking up the sun - there’s just so much to look forward to! Think of the music, the parties, the beach, the boys, the long walks, the cold drinks – I can’t wait!!!
So if you’re one of those lovelies that tends to stress at this time of year about “Getting FIT for summer” or trying to think of new ways to cover up but keep your cool – then forget about it! Head into CC and pick up some new summer looks that show off all your assets and cover up any wobbly bits you want hidden, check out Bellabox and see what beauty secrets that have waiting for you and think about all these other ‘F’ words we have to look forward to this summer: fabulous, friends, fun, fierce, foxy!


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