Retro Rewind - Get the Look!

 Our resident beauty blogger and editor of, Lauren, shares her 
hints and tips on achieving the ultimate retro look!

The perfect red lip is easy to achieve with a few key products…
Start with a lip liner, and choose roughly the same shade as your lipstick. Carefully and lightly trace a line around all the way around the outside of your lips, in small strokes that join up (it’s easier this way than trying to trace in one continuous go!). You can also accentuate your cupids bow a little, drawing slightly beyond your natural lip line for a really retro look. Then reach for your lipstick.

A true red will be the best shade for acing the old-school look. 
Try the Savoir Faire Lipstick in Risque. Apply with a lip brush and paint in between your lip liner, filling out the lip. Then lightly blot with a tissue. Then apply again, blot. And apply one more time! This will make the colour last longer, and create a bolder, brighter lip. 

A final trick? Add a teensy touch of shimmery translucent powder right to the middle of your bottom lip and then add a little balmy gloss. This will make your lips appear big and full – a trick Marilyn Monroe’s makeup artist used to employ regularly!

A liquid lined eye isn’t as hard as it looks…You CAN do a liquid lined eye...
The key is to start off small and build your way up. Take your liner, and get the very tip right into the corner of your inner eye, where the lashes meet the skin. Then gently, gently start to draw or paint your way along. Don't try to do this in one go (one long line) Do try little dashes, that continually meet up. If it's not 100% perfect, don't stress - we will fix it later. Once you get to the outer corner, draw a little flick up and out. Now, trace over the line again to make it bolder and a little darker. This will also help to even it up. If you finish and it's still a little askew, grab your trusty q-tip, dip it in a little makeup remover and carefully run it along the edge of the line, and on the under side of the flick or tick, to even it out. Then grab your concealer and pat a little on with a concealer brush underneath the tick. This will help to accentuate it and keep the liner tick straight!

I love using the Eye of Horus Liquid Define.The super fine texta tip makes for an easy application, and smooth product flow, so you don't end up with too much on your lids. 
And remember, only using liquid liner above your top lash line - not below – to ace that retro feel.

Lauren x

Credits - Dita Von Teese from Getty Images


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