Pretty in Pastel

 Last week I was in Adelaide (which will now be known as Radelaide by me - I had so much fun!) working on a photo shoot with Adelaide based fashion photographer Phebe Rendulic. Phebe is known for her love of all things pastel and cute in her work so when City Chic released their sugar coated 'Delish' collection I just knew I wanted to do a little City Chic fashion shoot with her while I was in town. Phebe herself is a plus size girl, a very beautiful one at that, so I convinced her to model in the photos - which wasn't that hard as she LOVED all the clothes. Phebe's style is very sweet and girly, so this collection was just made for her. Please enjoy our 'Pretty in Pastel' fashion shoot coming to you from Radelaide!!!

Phebe's signature style is a collared shirt buttoned up with collar tips or a broach to add detail so this shirt was just made for her!

 Peplum tops are still a hot item, Phebe loved the peach colour - it looked great with her hair.

 Clashing prints is a hot trend right now!

 Phebe wasn't sure about the denim shorts when I put them in her change room but fell in love with them once she saw how hot she looked in them. Sometimes you just need that little push to try a style you've never thought could work for you.

 Textured lace leggings over tights 

Pretty pastel accessories finish off Phebe's look. Check out Etsy or local craft markets for unique pieces like hers. 

Hope you enjoyed our little Radelaide fashion shoot xoxo


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