Trends Shmends!

One major trap that I notice we fabulous curvaceous lovelies tend to fall into on occasion is the dreaded Fashion Trend. Think butterfly clips in the nineties, mid-driffs of the noughties and what appears to be the leather-track pant of the twenty-tens! Now please don’t think I am here to tell you to avoid all fashionable items of the moment, on the contrary I rocked a butterfly clip with the best of them (and regret nothing!) What I am saying is every now and then we babes are going to have to make the choice between looking phenomenal and sporting the current trend. And this is not our fault – so please don’t feel bad – it is the fault of the often entirely unflattering trends of the moment! Think boob tubes, denim mini-skirts, and tops that tie-up at the back. Unfortunately we fabulous ladies will never be at our most wonderful in one of these. Instead, we will forever look flawless in a cleavage flashing blouse, a perfect pencil skirt or an A-line dress, and there ain't nothing wrong with that!

What we need to know is when to rock a trend and when to call it quits – and this all comes down to dressing for your shape! Note I did not say SIZE, I said SHAPE! And these are two entirely different things. I am a Size 16 (and proud of it!) but that doesn’t mean I look good in everything that size. It also doesn’t mean that my Size 16 friend will be able to borrow anything she wants from my wardrobe! Think of all the variables ladies - I’m talking bigger boobs, hips, bum, taller, shorter… there are a million different things that make up your size, not just a number!

So how do you find out what size you really are and what clothes really suit you? Try and try again. There is no other way to know. Maybe even try some things you wouldn’t normally wear? What’ve you got to lose (other than a few dollars when you realize how many CC things look insanely good on you!) But never just wear an outfit because it looked good on the catwalk, on the mannequin or on your bestie, because babe it just might not look good on you but no one’s spoken up yet?! But most importantly, if you don’t feel fabulous then don’t wear it – life is too short for mediocre outfits!



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