Reminding me of HOME!

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Right now, London is almost TOO HOT. I said it. I'm an Aussie babe, living in this very cold country - but right now - HOT. For myself (I've acclimatised to British weather over these last five years), it's almost TOO much! Clothes need to be kept simple and airy. Last weekend - I followed that "rule" and wore SPF, a sleeveless City Chic Garden dress, black skinny belt, minimal jewellery and sandals. It was simple, but light and beautiful.

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Underneath this garb, I wore a pair of "boy short" knickers as I needed a proper pair of pants as I also went - BIKE RIDING!

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I managed to score myself a little "Ladies Shopper" and I LOVE it. It cost me £55 and everything about it is adorable (right down to the tag on the handlebar). I ride this A LOT and despite not having ridden for twenty years - the memories of how to ride, came flowing back... Although, it did take me a couple of goes to master riding in a dress! Thank goodness there's a chain guard!

My partner and I have been spending a lot of time at his mum's house which happens to be set in a more rural English location - I LOVE it and spend Saturdays indulging in woodlands...

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And - after a long walk or ride through the woods, it's straight to the pub for a Honey Beer! Life is simple, and easy and for the first time in years - I'm not missing Australia through Summer. THIS feels like home. It's familiar and warm and wonderful. These are good days!

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I know how simple this look is for Summer... But, as it's so hot - it's perfect and reminds me of home. This is a whimsical post Australia, because for the first time in years - England is reminding me of you. LOVE!

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Em. x.


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