Urban Jungle

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So in the UK at the moment, the sun is doing its best to shine. For me, this means jam-packing my days to stay outside and catch as much Vitamin D as I can. It's STILL a little brisk here - so tights are still (!!) an absolute must!

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I picked this dress up while I was in Australia last month and have to say I LOVE it. This style blasted through the UK recently too - and is BANG-ON trend for what curvy girls over here are wearing right now.

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I worked this look with a zippy handbag, brown & black ankle boots and a chunky Mimco necklace. The dress has so much activity in it that I didn't need much else.

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I really love this look. I think the structure of the dress, print and central zip make it easy to wear - and with just a few finishing touches, I felt ready to go! That's the best kind of dress!

Both City Chic Australia and City Chic Stateside are having fabulous sales right now, so make sure you get over there. From the Aussie side of things, Fashion Hayley did a fantastic run down of her favourite picks earlier this week - so make sure you check them out too!



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