My top 6 picks from the City Chic SALE

 Its SALE time at City Chic and with up to 75% OFF on certain pieces it would be silly to miss out. Bellow are my top 6 picks from the online sale but remember the sale continues in-store too!
A great winter trench with on trend leather arms and panels. A total bargain now at half price, I mean who can say no with $90 off anyway?

 This has been my wardrobe staple for the last couple of months, if you haven't already picked one up you'd be a fool to miss out now. I'm going to get an extra one for when mine wears out from too much wear (I wear it that much).

A great shape and with sleeves at a bargain price, sign me up!

I don't know why I never noticed this pinafore dress before because I love, love, love it! Sadly it seems to be sold out in my size online so I'm sharing this in the hope that someone else out there can enjoy it as much as I want to.

Studs and leather, no more needs to be said.

Collar tips, collar tips! I love thee so. A bargain at only $20,

What bargains have you scored at the sale? Let me know in the comments bellow.


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