Finally - a little TDF Denim in my life!

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One of the coolest things about getting to Australia last month was my ability to try on TDF Denim. No kidding. Having heard such amazing things about the brand on Facebook and via email from so many of you girls - one of the first things I did at CC HQ was get some jeans on. Black Hourglass Short TDF Skinnys... AMAZING.

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I've often heard from you girls about how the TDF jeans give you a whole new way to look at jeans (ie. FONDLY) and for me - as a relative non-jean wearer, these have truly been a revelation. I have some jeans already... I do. I have one High Waist pair in Boot Cut by CC that have been my "go to" pair for a couple of years now... But this TDF denim is about to take over. I love that these come in black (which let's face it - I ADORE), I love how tight they are and I love that they're high waisted. AMAZING. 

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I paired my jeans with a CC Macrame Top, CC Cami and CC Necklace; you can see the whole look is effortless, but totally sexy. My handbag is also really cool, it's from a UK retailer (here) and with the zip work, it adds just that little bit of extra edge to the whole outfit.

I can't recommend these jeans enough. Seriously. If you're yet to try the whole TDF experience - you've gotta get in on this! For the first time in YEARS I genuinely feel like I'm going to become a jean wearer again. And not as a gesture or "once in a while" experience, but in a "I live in my TDFs" kind of a way. I really am gobsmacked by how amazing these are.

To get some TDF jeans in Oz - head to the online site HERE, or get in-store.
To get some TDF jeans Stateside - head HERE.



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