Visiting City Chic HQ!

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Last week in Sydney, I was invited into City Chic HQ to catch up with the team and check out some of the new stock. For me, what with living in the UK - getting to Australia and visiting a store is a proper fashion event... So making my way to the Centre of all things City Chic in Alexandria? Well that's Outta This World!

On arrival at CC HQ I was reunited with old friends and also met the team members I'd not seen on my last visit. I have to say, everyone was so embracing and despite my living on the other side of the world and not working with the team day by day, I couldn't have felt more included.

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After some great catch ups, I was taken to a room where there was so much CC stock, my head nearly exploded with joy. Seriously. I order from the Stateside City Chic Online Site - so to see the latest Australian Collections, as well as upcoming pieces? Just WOW (there's another tunic similar in cut to the Still Life Tunic, about to be released and I CAN NOT WAIT). I poured over the clothes in the room and then set about trying on LOTS of different items (such a treat!!)...

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I had LOADS of fun at HQ. I loved getting to touch the clothes and try different sizes - certainly, in being so far away from City Chic in the UK - that's something I miss.  I also really miss that amazing in-store experience. When I lived in Sydney, I used to travel to CC Paramatta or Penrith to see all the great new stock - and in Adelaide, Marion is always my "GO TO" store! I LOVE it there.  CC was the first clothing store to ever make me feel REALLY good and amazing in fashion - so I always appreciate coming back and re-experiencing how wonderful it is.

I'm having a great time Down Under. I few of you messaged me through Facebook to see what I'm up to and why I'm here... Well - my younger sister (also a long-time City Chic girl) is getting MARRIED next week! I'm SO excited and am thrilled to be back in Oz to support her. My family comes from Adelaide, so it's great to be home. I've not visited Australia in TWO years, so it's important and high time I came back for a visit.

It really is nice to be here - even with the heat in Sydney all last week (it's still snowing in the UK and I was not prepared AT ALL!!).

Meanwhile... My favourite look from my CC Dress Up day? Well... you all know I love black, so a CC jacket, paired with a CC necklace, TDF jeans and Longline GALAXY top - takes the crown.

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Thanks for having me in CC, I had an amazing day and miss you so much when I'm away! 



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