Ever since I've been blogging for City Chic, I've made no secret of the fact that my partner and I LOVE to go on dates. We met here in the UK four years ago and now, with three years living together under our belts - we like to make sure we inject romance into our lives as often as possible. When I'm on a film - this gets hard - so in my work down-time - it's DATES-A-GO-GO!


For our latest outing, we headed to a "Ye Olde" pub in rural UK and it was magic. It is SO COLD right now everything we do needs an extra little bit of heat, so we found us a warm fire-side establishment with Steak and Ale Pie on the menu. Delicious. 

For my date with Mr. Darcy, you can see I wore a City Chic Floral Dress and kept warm with one of the supple City Chic leatherette jackets. I complimented the look with a neon pink "skinny" belt (these are EVERYWHERE in the UK right now) and Mimco Necklace. I've had a haircut recently, so am still experimenting with how to wear it, but you can see here, I took the original fabric belt that came with my City Chic dress and folded it into a headband - I do this a lot actually and think it works really nicely with my shorter hair (thank goodness).

As for the date? Well - it was LOVELY and provided us with much needed "couple time"... Also, the fire was warm and pie was delicious! Winter is seriously GREAT for pub dates here in the UK, it encourages cosiness and warmth!

Speaking of warmth - I'm looking forward to a little more sunshine when I head home to Adelaide for visit next week! Mr. Darcy won't make it to Australia with me on this trip :( so you can see why we're enjoying our dates right now! 

See you soon! Em. x.


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