Monday, February 4, 2013

Stud Love

You should know by now that I love studs. There isn't more I can say except I love anything studded, from bags to shoes and everything in-between I do love me a bit of punk studded detailing. The edginess of studs and leather is a combo that can't be beat. So when I saw this studded collar tunic at the City Chic showing at PSFWA I knew I had to have it. Its everything I love in one piece; black, sheer, studs and collar detailing. The sexiness of the sheer with the edginess of the studs is what I love most about it. Teaming it with my more punky accessories, like my leather studded bag and black buckle wedges, and my more girly pieces, namely my giant black hair bow, I have made the tunic my own, a unique look for a unique piece.

Outfit details
Dress City Chic Stud Collar Tunic $89.95 AUD
Belt City Chic Metal Plate Belt $29.95 AUD
Accessorised with a black hair bow, pink John Lennon sunglasses, a black studded bag and some black buckle wedges.

 Studs, how I love thee.

 Pink hair and pink sunglasses, a litlte matchy matchy but I think it works.

A black pedicure finished the look.

Do you love studs too?


  1. Hayley your posts on the inside city chic are the only good thing about this blog.

    Just putting it out there but the EM posts are so bad, her outfits are so boring and makes the clothes look like they came from Big W. it makes me cry as a plus size girl who loves fashion.

    1. Hi Anonymous,

      Thank you for liking my posts but I have to disagree with you on Em. Em and I do have different style but I think it is interesting to see the unique ways we both style the same pieces. Em's style is classic and timeless while mine is more fashion forward and experimental. Both styles are just as important to represent plus size fashion and City Chic.

      Hayley x

    2. Hi Anonymous. I've been abroad so have only just seen this comment...
      Hayley and I have such different styles and I totally appreciate the way I dress isn't for everyone. Certainly, both mine and Hayley's styles would work equally well here in London (where I live) as they would in Sydney (where I used to live). I always get blown away by Hayley's style and have been a long time fan of her choices!
      Meanwhile, don't cry Anonymous... You see the amazing thing about fashion is we can all make up our own minds as to what we like - and I'm sure you'll never dress like me, so really - you have nothing to worry or even cry about! I'm happy in my style and know you must be happy in yours too. Hayley clearly represents you as a City Chic girl - while I might represent someone else. It's all really great, if you think about it!

  2. You look so good in this