Out and about in London this week, my boyfriend totally Papped me.


Well, not really. I asked him to take photos of me in this amazing fitted denim dress, because I felt really pretty and wanted to show it to you all. x.


I wore this at the weekend to meet up with my brother who happened to be in London. I swear, it's like magic when my family stops by here in the UK as it is an ULTRA rare event. My brother and his wife were heading for a trip to Iceland (!!) to see the Northern Lights, needless to say, I was jealous! To be honest, I was lucky though too because they deliberately stopped over in London to have a day with me and one of my sisters (who actually lives in Bristol). It was a real family day - and since I live so far from home, they can be few and far between. It was a happy, great day!


You can see the dress is absolutely banging - and while sold out in Australia - it IS still available through the USA site. This is only my second denim dress and I was impressed with how warm it kept me - but also - how lovely and structured the dress was, based on fabric, alone.


For Aussie Denim head here, for Stateside Denim head here. xxx.


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