PSFWA part 2

As I mentioned in my last post I was lucky enough to be invited to Plus Size Fashion Weekend Australia (PSFWA) which was a really fun filled and packed weekend of glamorous activities with some mighty fine plus size bloggers from all over the country and the UK! One of the highlights of the event was our trip to the Benefit cosmetics boutique in chic Paddington for an eyebrow tint and wax which for many of us was our first time of the addictive beauty treatment.

This is my scared face. I needn't have worried though as the pain isn't nearly as bad as I imagined and its literally over in seconds.

Afterwards you are left with the most perfectly shaped eyebrow I have ever seen as demonstrated here by Caitlin of Closet Confessions.

A blogger event is never without some goodie bags.

Carla of Messy Carla fame was our special guest from the UK.

Ashley from This is Ashley Rose checks out her perfectly shaped eyebrow.

Gisela Ramirez gettng excited.

 Back at PSFWA HQ Carla and I tried our hands at ORLY gel manicures.

The PSFWA cake.


Nicola from 2 Many Cupcakes enjoying the view over Sydney.

I just had to snap her full outfit as she wears the City Chic floral blouse so well!

Melissa of Sugar Coat It wearing a City Chic swim suit down by the pool. So chic!

Grill'd for dinner with the ladies.

The Garden Goodness burger at Grill'd is my personal favourite. A vegetarian burger done well!

The view over stunning Sydney at night.

 Another highlight of the weekend was the curvy clothes swap. We all brought with us a selection of unwanted but still good quality clothes to swap. Its a great way to get rid of pieces you don't wear any more while hopefully finding something that you will love. You can tell by this photo that we were raring to go!

 The clothes were laid out in one of the hotel rooms in something resembling order.

Then it was a mad but fair scramble to find the best stuff in the pile.

Melissa taking a moment to zen out.

Caitlin in one of her finds.

Gisela scored this blue dress that fit her like a glove.

Genevieve from Work It Own It Use It and Olivia of Wait Until Sunset modelling their finds.

A Curvy Clothes Swap is a great way to get rid of unwanted garments and find new pieces without spending a cent. Why not organise one with your friends, family and co-workers? You don't need a fancy hotel just a room big enough to host everyone and away you go. The best bit is seeing someone take something you once loved and wore and give it new life, styling it in new ways.

Photos with watermark by Danimezza


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