Friday, December 7, 2012

In the change room with UK blogger Messy Carla

Prominent UK plus size fashion blogger Messy Carla, one of the founders of Plus London, is currently visiting Australia for a year as a backpacker, eventually hoping to see more of the country than I could ever dream of. As she will be travelling and doing typical backpacker things she only brought with her a small amount of clothes...I know right? A fashion blogger packing light? It truly boggles the mind. Of course this also leaves plenty of room for shopping and one of the things Carla was looking forward to was checking out City Chic which she had heard so much about.

So of course I offered to take her to my local store and have a bit of a fun shopping date.

Carla quickly zoomed in on a few pieces she had been eyeing off online.

Her choices all waiting to be tried on in the change room. Like any shopping adventure not everything worked but below are the pieces that really did work, Carla wanted them all. I'm going to leave it up to you to decide which look she finally decided upon.

Change Room Look 1:
The first dress Carla tried on was the City Chic Peek A Boo Cut Animal Skater Dress $99.95 AUD which fit her like a glove from front to back.

The sexy peek-a-boo cleavage cut out worked its magic and Carla felt and looked great.

Change Room Look 2:
The second look in Carla's first ever City Chic change room try on was this bright and cheerful look featuring the City Chic Zip Trim Jacket in Electric $99.95 AUD, City Chic Strappy Stripe Panel Top $59.95 AUD & City Chic Hi Waist Short Short in Acid $69.95 AUD.

Change Room Look 3:
Carla's final look to try on was this blue toned combo of City Chic Scoop Peplum Top in Purple $59.95 AUD & City Chic Hi Waist Short Short in Cobalt $69.95 AUD.

The peplum shape really flattered Carla's figure and the colour looked great against her skin tone.

The staff at the Eastgardens store were lovely as usual.

Can you guess what look Carla went for? Let me know in the comments below xxx

Wednesday, December 5, 2012


As Winter hits here in the UK I thought I would show you what I got up to about two weeks ago. My partner had to make a quick trip to Spain and I asked for a (very rare) whole weekend off! I am mid-film at the moment, so time off is a real treat. It was all pretty whirlwind and busy - maybe you can see the sleepiness in my face(!!) - but it was great. Two days. 20 degrees. Sunshine. 

As a special treat, my man booked me in for a sunset massage by the pool. Lucky I brought my City Chic Swim Coverup to get around in! It made getting to poolside from my hotel room - super easy, and super fashionable.

Ah. Bliss.

Don't forget Ladies - that with Summer coming up Down Under, the Australian City Chic site is choc-a-block full of new styles to scoop up! My favourite is the Candy Strip Tankini!

And, don't worry if you're Stateside - there are LOADS of great items up in the USA too. Check them out here!

Stay Cool Ladies (and remember the SPF!!).

Em. x.