Thursday, July 26, 2012

Selfie shots on Instagram!!!

City Chic Spot Mesh Top $59.95 AUD
If you follow me on instagram (@fashionhayley) you would have seen this snap I took of my new favourite top on the mannequin at the City Chic Bourke Street store. I fell in love with it on the mannequin and knew I had to have it then and there.

Excitedly, as soon as I had a chance to wear it I did a mirror selfie shot to show off my new favourite top and got lots of compliments on my instagram feed which just cemented the fact this this is my new favourite top. It is so vampy and sexy, especially when teamed with a red lip.

Have you recently instagram'd a City Chic purchase? Why not link it in the comments below?

Monday, July 23, 2012

Classic Black

I wasn't 'feeling it' this week. I've been sick with a flu, exhausted, and down in the dumps for no real reason. I spent most of the working week either in bed cuddled up under my blanket, or watching day time TV on the couch. I was prepared to spend Sunday curled up in my lounge room watching movies when I got a text from my friend asking me to come out for lunch and a walk in the park. Sometimes a text from a friend is all you need to pull you out of a bad mood so I jumped at the chance to get out of the house. For once choosing an outfit to wear wasn't a problem, I had the perfect City Chic outfit hanging in my wardrobe just waiting to be worn.

LACE RUFFLE TUNIC - Sold out online (Size S)

I really adore this outfit combination. I'm significantly smaller up top than I am on my lower half so I do find it hard finding tunics that fit perfectly but the lace ruffle tunic fits fantastic and the belt pulls everything in. This outfit is very me and I felt comfortable, confident, and happy wearing it out.

If you read my last post you'd know that I'm currently on the quest to find the perfect outfit that will help me embrace colour for the very first time. I am still searching for that outfit so if you have any suggestions please leave a comment below.

I am so excited, in two weeks time I will be attending a Pin Up/Rockabilly event called 'Greazefest'. I will be embracing the theme and dressing with a Pin Up/Nautical theme. My outfit will definitely include a few City Chic pieces so I will be snapping some pics and telling you all about it in my next post.

Until next time,

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Trademark UK Hotness...


So ladies. Things are REALLY ramping up here in the UK right now. EVERYTHING is "Olympics this" and "Olympics that..." It's exciting, but also monotonous. It looks like the torch will be heading past my work next Thursday, and then like many people, around the world - I'll sit and watch the Opening Ceremony in awe on friday night. I actually know heaps of people who worked on the show, so I desperately hope (for them) that it goes really well.

I am hoping, also, that here in London - Mother Nature figures out what she plans to do weather wise. I just read it's been the hottest July in AGES down in Syndey... Well, hopefully the UK can get some delicious heat for the games. It's just muggy right now and it's gross!

My outfit this week is kind of classic - a skin hugging top, with skinny jeans and my trademark hotness (HA! Hotness because of the humidity, perhaps). It's a different look for me, but it's in keeping with the challenges that some of you Ladies have put to me this year. I'm in the City Chic Rainbow Tiger Top (still available in the States) and could only get it a size smaller than usual when I ordered. What do you think? I usually get a Medium in tops, but I think the nature of this top allows for the smaller size? Maybe, maybe not? Let me know your thoughts. 

I'm also in a pair of Classic CC Skinnys and a Cardi. Cardis are my staple!

Purr says the Tiger...

In any case ladies - if you want some tight skin huggers, why not try HERE if you're in Australia (OMG the LACE Cami!!) or HERE if you're in the States. And for Jeans, try here (AUS) and here (USA).

Meanwhile - are you going to be watching the Olympics? I can't wait for late night table tennis (seriously, so competitive) and perhaps a little diving... The diving kind of scares me - but I find it thrilling to watch. 

Big Loves until next time, Ladies!

Em. x.

Monday, July 9, 2012

Time for a change

I received a Text message the other night from my fellow curvy friend Mel. The message really struck a chord with me and really got me thinking about some things:

I had to think for awhile about my answer, surely I had worn a purely colourful outfit before? No, I have NEVER worn all colour by choice. The last time I wore an outfit that didn't feature anything black was when I graduated High School in 2006, my School uniform consisted of a bottle green skirt and a white blouse with green stripes. Mel's message really made me think about my style and why I wear what I wear, why I have never fully embraced colour. I always thought it was because I consider my style to be very 'Rock Chick' so of course it would consist of mostly black pieces, I work in the Music Industry and most of my social events consist of Festivals and Gigs where wearing predominantly black outfits feels like the uniform. I think deep down I've never truly embraced colour because I always thought it would make me look bigger, I know that with the right outfit though it will flatter my body not make me look worse. 

I always set goals or missions for myself, little 'challenges' that keep me focused and excite me once I complete them. My new goal I have given myself is to go out in an outfit with absolutely no black. I am a little scared but I have been glued to the new arrivals on City Chic's website and I think I have found a few great choices. This is where you come in though, I need your advice, which of these outfits should a 'first time colour wearer' choose to wear? Leave a comment below and let me know your thoughts.

The Kiss Me Skater is a good dress to start with, I am obsessed with Skater dresses and they really flatter my body. Maybe I could be sneaky and add a black bolero for the comfort factor? (No Hope, this outfit will be purely colour).

I really like the Lacey Red Wine Dress I love the dark colour and I think I would be very comfortable wearing this. It reminds me of a 'goth rock' style dress.

Ok, so I know this may be slightly cheating because there is some black in these dresses but after reading Hayley and Em's posts about Horizontal stripes and how much they can flatter curvy figures, I am itching to try the trend. I think the Stripe Bust Skater Dresses are gorgeous.

Which dress do you like best?

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Friday, July 6, 2012

You gotta love STRIPES!!

Boombands Em wears the Mono Stip Tunic from City Chic.

Ladies! Following on from Hayley's post this week about the "Horizontal Stripe Myth" I have decided to post one of my favourite CC tunics from the last season, the Mono Stripe Tunic (still available in the USA). Now, while the stripes aren't strictly horizontal - just look at how amazing these stripes are on my plus size body.

Boombands Em wears the Mono Stip Tunic from City Chic.

In fact - this whole outfit, with the heavy usage of white, as well as the stripes, is like a Fashion Rule "No No" for women like me. I hate fashion rules. I don't believe in them or follow them and  that's why it made me so glad to read Hayley's post encouraging more girls to get amongst stripes. 

And, look. I even make this Porsche hotter:

Boombands Em wears the Mono Stip Tunic from City Chic.
(I am such a motor babe. Seriously. F1 is genuinely my favourite sport.)

*For stripes in Australia - head here*
*For stripes in the States - head here*

Do it Ladies.

Monday, July 2, 2012

The Horizontal Stripe Myth

We have all heard that old adage that horizontal stripes are a no no for women with curves. Well I for one have never felt that was true, so when I heard that celebrity stylist and host of UK tv show How To Look Good Naked, Gok Wan, felt the same way I just had to share the news with you. Gok, an expert in body confidence who helps women the world over appreciate what they have and fake what they don't believes that "horizontal stripes give the illusion of a small waist and help define curves" and City Chic's new collection features 3 amazing pieces that do just that.

City Chic Striped Skater Dress $99.95 AUD

The City Chic Striped Skater Dress with its flattering skater shape and graphic stripes is the perfect example of horizontal stripes working their illusionary magic. With the added help of a thick black waistband this dress does all the work for you and requires nothing more to give you an amazing shape that makes you look and feel amazing.

City Chic Stripe Panel Skirt With Belt $69.95 AUD

City Chic Stripe Panel Skirt With Belt  is a classic pencil skirt with a twist, the front and back stripe panel's modernise the skirt and the red belt adds an element of colour blocked fun. The black side panels add a flattering touch as they visually minimise your width, a very clever trick. You can dress this skirt up for the office or wear it casually on the weekend for brunch, its a very versatile piece. 

City Chic Stripe Bust Skater Dress $99.95 AUD

The City Chic Stripe Bust Skater Dress comes in two fun colour-ways, beautiful Bright Blue (pictured) or on trend Emerald Green. The colour blocked a-line shape is beyond flattering to curves and thanks to the striped bust the waist is ultra defined. The dress skims over all your lumps and bumps thanks to its stretchy woven fabric making it the ultimate dress for us curvy ladies.

Are you loving stripes too? Do you love how good they look on? Tell me your thoughts in the comments bellow.