Friday, June 29, 2012

Hello Tiger!

Boombands Em in the City Chic Strappy Jungle Top with cutie denim Short Shorts.

I am spending a lot of time with my boyfriend's family at the moment. They live in a beautiful, villagey type area in Sandhurst - which is outside of London and takes about an hour for me to drive to. London traffic (even just getting out of London), can be a bit of a pain, so I always need to feel comfortable but also always want to look pretty too. I like to look pretty when I see my own mum, so I think it's kind of nice I want to look pretty when I see his mum too. Pretty for me, doesn't mean dressing up, as such - it means looking nice enough, but also always trying to bring home a smile. Smiles go a long way!

Boombands Em in the City Chic Strappy Jungle Top with cutie denim Short Shorts.

For this week's post I am rocking the Strappy Jungle City Chic Top, some tiny black denim short Shorts and one of the classic CC shrugs.

Boombands Em in the City Chic Strappy Jungle Top with cutie denim Short Shorts.

I love this look. You know I love it! The top is a little more over-size than my regular style - but I like how light it is and how breezy it feels on my body. I AM pleased to say though, that the lovelies at CC Head Office have sent me some LONG pants to try! Get ME!! I need to have them taken up, but they fit like a treat and I will showcase them with love, in the weeks to come. I'm gonna have to get myself some of the coloured denim jeans next... they are EVERYWHERE in the UK right now. I love that CC is RIGHT there for the current trends.

Meanwhile, my loves - the weather here in the UK is still painfully unsure of itself - meaning you can't go anywhere without an umbrella and SUNGLASSES!

Boombands Em in the City Chic Strappy Jungle Top with cutie denim Short Shorts.

So cool.

Big Hugs Ladies. xxx.

Monday, June 25, 2012

Lady Gaga

You may remember an 'inspired by' post I wrote about Lady Gaga from March last year. If you read the post you'd know that I have a huge love for Lady Gaga and the messages she sends out. After waiting for what felt like years (in reality it was only four months since the show was announced) I finally got to see Mother Monster perform again in Brisbane last week.

The Born This Way Ball Tour is Lady Gaga's biggest world tour to date, as you can see from my photos the stage set up and costumes were out of this world. I can't begin to find the words to try and tell you how much I loved the Concert, it was breathtaking and I would go again in a heartbeat! Mother Monster still has a few more tour dates left in Australia so I don't want to give too much away but I will go as far as saying it has been my favourite Concert I have EVER attended.

I LOVE Lady Gaga because I love what she stands for; equality, acceptance, love, anti-bullying and self love. Just before her hit song 'Hair' Gaga gave a speech that actually made me cry, speaking about her teenage years and how she was bullied, and how we all need to band together and not be afraid of life and being different, and live for people who aren't strong enough. Her words really struck a chord with me, as a plus sized girl my whole life, I used to be all too familiar with having no self love, and wanting to hide away and be too scared to truly embrace life. Two things have helped me change though; Music and Fashion. Hearing Gaga's speech reminded me of how I used to feel before I discovered my loves and before I broadened my comfort zone. I wrote a little about the 'old Hope' in this post . Finding Music and Musicians I can relate to (Lady Gaga, Lily Allen, Beth Ditto) and loving City Chic's fashion and blogging for City Chic has really changed me, it has allowed me to embrace my inner Gaga and to really learn to love myself both inside and out, I guess you could say City Chic is my Lady Gaga of Fashion and has inspired me to find confidence and try new things.

As part of her concert set up Lady Gaga had a special part of the Arena floor called 'The Monster Pit'. This area was directly in front of the stage in a circle and had her 'cat walk' wrapped around it. The Monster Pit was reserved for her Little Monsters (fans) that arrived at the venue early and who were dressed for the 'Ball'. When I found out about The Monster Pit I knew I had to get in, so I began my search for the perfect Gaga outfit. My Gaga outfit wouldn't have been complete without my trusty City Chic leggings, they made me so comfortable while I had to sit through the 5 hour wait in line for The Monster Pit and allowed me to jump around like a crazy person during the show. My CC leggings are a wardrobe staple and instantly make me feel comfortable, confident and happy. I think my quirky outfit really paid off as well, I got into The Monster Pit and during 'Born This Way' locked eyes with Lady Gaga who pointed at my friend and I, it's a moment I'll never forget. A really exciting thing happened to me while I was waiting in line, I got picked out of the crowd by an American filming group and interviewed for a new TV Show that will air on E! as soon as I find out the details I will let you all know about it.

I have a few more Concerts in my Calendar and can't wait to tell you all about them and of course show off my City Chic Concert gear!

What City Chic item will you wear to your next Concert?

Thursday, June 21, 2012

If I Could Be Anywhere In The World, Right Now...

Boombands Em wears City Chic and looks great against a pink gradient background.

My lovely City Chics this week my boyfriend has been away, so I took some bland shots of myself, inside my house, against a blank wall. All I could think to myself was, how can I make these a little sexier for my girls? And how can I make them more special for myself? I want us (that's you and I) to enjoy these blog posts - HAVE FUN with them...

Well. Easy. I thought - where would I like to be this week? 

The Ocean. I'd like to be on an Idyllic Tropical Island in the middle of the ocean. The warm weather seems to have FINALLY hit the UK and I am beyond chuffed. It could only be better if I was staring out to see from my Ocean Villa in Fiji. 

Boombands Em wears City Chic and looks longingly towards the ocean.
(I don't care that this is cheesey!) 

Or maybe the warm UK weather would be better if... 
If I was enjoying the view from the walkway to my Ocean Hut in The Maldives.

Boombands Em wears City Chic and looks longingly towards the ocean.

Wherever I am, I'm glad that the sun is shining. But what about you, Pretty Girl? Where in the whole wide world do you wish you could be right now?!

I'm wearing:
Heart Print City Chic Top (Aus/USA)
Mid Length Shorts (Aus/USA)
Floppy Shoes!

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Skirt LOVE in Tokyo

This has to be one of my favourite outfits as I just am so in LOVE with this dip dyed maxi skirt, which I bought at City Chic last year. I first blogged the outfit here and my love for it is as strong as ever. I wore it for a day of shopping in Harajuku, Tokyo and I even got street snapped by a famous Japanese street style photographer, which was pretty exciting. I love that pieces I buy from City Chic can last season to season and become firm favourites in my wardrobe full of designer and vintage pieces.

Do you have a City Chic piece that you just LOVE? Let me know in the comments below.

p.s. City Chic are having a massive sale online right now, maybe one of these skirts could become your next favourite piece in your wardrobe? 

Friday, June 15, 2012

An Unexpected Encounter.


I had a whole different blog post ready to write up... But well - I've been royally distracted and luckily - while being distracted I was wearing some City Chic... You've seen a similar outfit before, but here you can see me rocking my FAVOURITE City Chic top and my staple bolero.

I was at work yesterday. I am helping the Tim Burton film Frankenweenie to finish, which is both exciting and wonderful. I worked on the show last year and it's been really cool to be called back to see how it's finishing up. The studio for the film is basd right by the London Olympic Stadium and so, lots of the Opening Ceremony preparations are happening here too. Earlier this week, I saw the Creative Director, Danny Boyle (who also directed Trainspotting and Slum Dog Millionaire), when he held a door open for me.

Yesterday though? WELL! Right off the back of my Jubilee Weekend post last week - I give you - Charles and Camilla! No kidding, they came to the studio to visit the Olympic Organisers and I was right up the front as they arrived! I wasn't rocking any royal blue - but heck, I was totally rocking.


Camilla waved at me, while I gawked at them and took photos. I was even in the background on the BBC News last night as they arrived.


It's a strange life for us City Chic girls sometimes, huh?

Loves. x.

PS - Whether you're a Stateside City Chic babe or based in Australia - remember to publish your photos in your favourite City Chic gear to the CC Facebook Page - I like to pop them on this blog every couple of months - so get to it!

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Winter Warmers

Brrrrr it's cold in here, there must be something in the atmosphere. Did you get my Bring It On movie reference? But seriously, it is freaking cold right now isn't it? So cold that on the weekend I spent most of it curled up by my heater in my pj's with a good book and a hot chocolate (with marshmallows of course!). Anyway here are four fab pieces to warm you up this winter!

1. City Chic Pom Pom Fur Trim Cardi currently on sale for $40 AUD down from $89.95 AUD This piece looks so warm and fuzzy and it has a cute retro vibe about it. I call it the 'Snow Bunny' cardi, it would look chic with some black palazzo pants and a good pair of boots. 

2. City Chic 80 Denier Black Opaque Tights $14.95 AUD  I was so excited when City Chic came out with their plus size tights this season that I immediately went out and bought the whole range. Tights are so hard to come by in plus sizes and they are just so necessary in winter that these should be flying off the shelves, ladies pick them up before they sell out!

3. City Chic Felix Print Long Pant $49.95 AUD Winter isn't complete without a few days spent mooching around the house in your pj's, it really is the best, especially with pj's so damn cute!

4. City Chic Fur Trim Angel Jacket currently on sale for $40 AUD down from $149.95 AUD A classic brown pleather piece with warm faux fur trim. Getting fab retro vibes from this piece too, totally a Charlies Angel's vibe, rock this with some slightly flared jeans and complete the look.

Monday, June 11, 2012

Polka Face

I was reading last weeks issue of 'Famous' Magazine when I noticed a two page spread on Polka Dots and how it would be this seasons big trend. One of the dresses I took particular notice of was the above dress that Liv Tyler was wearing. I jumped online and found numerous photos of some of the worlds hottest Celebrities wearing variations of this fabulous dress. The dress was designed by Stella McCartney.

Liv Tyler, Kate Winslet and, Victoria Secret model Doutzen Kroes all wore versions of the famous Stella McCartney creation. Even curvy songstress Adele embraced the mesh polka dot trend for her performance at the Grammy Awards. Seeing how popular this style of dress currently is and how many Celebrities are wearing similar styles made me so excited. Why? Well, does this dress remind you of something?

SEXY SPOT MESH DRESS - City Chic are right on trend with the Sexy Spot Mesh Dress but have adapted the style so it will help us flaunt but also flatter our curves. What got me even more excited was before reading the article in Famous Magazine I had already placed my order for this dress to wear to my Uncles 60th birthday party;

I apologise for the Mirror pics but I quickly snapped a few photos before rushing out the door and forgot about my Camera for the rest of the night :(. I am wearing a Size Small in this dress and it fits like a dream, the fabric is very similar to the fabric used on the famous Roxanne Dress but it's slightly softer and less form fitting. I was freezing last night so teamed my new favourite dress with my trusty leggings. For warmer months I would go without leggings/stockings and don a pair of wedges. I adore this outfit, it makes me so happy that I can wear a dress similar to Celebrities like Liv Tyler, Kate Winslet and Adele, and look but most importantly feel amazing. Well done City Chic!

Did anyone pick up on my sneaky Gaga spin on the title of this post? I am going to see Mother Monster on Thursday night and I am so excited! I can't wait to show you all my costume, I am very proud of it and even found a way to incorporate some City Chic items ;).

Have you visited City Chic's website recently? The revamp looks fantastic and so stylish! Don't forget to stay up to date with everything CC 'like' the facebook page.

Thursday, June 7, 2012

It was a LONG Bank Holiday!

Jubilee Biscuits from Mari's Blog!

I've not had much cause for dressing up this last week. The weather was HOT and then very cold and RAINY! There was something special happening though in the UK and we just had a FOUR day Bank Holiday weekend...

I am sure you've all seen the pictures of the Queen's Diamond Jubilee. It was AMAZING to be in the UK for such a momentous celebration... Personally, I lean towards becoming a Republic in Australia, but here in the UK - there IS something special about the Royals. In fact, even though the Royals don't actually have much effectual power over here, they do have the ability to inspire the nation and warm the hearts of many a Briton. The UK needs that kind of warmth right now and a joyous event like the Jubilee is a wonderful way to inspire the nation. It's actually been quite magic being here and I wore some ear candy to celebrate!

For my LONG WEEKEND celebrations, I bashed around London a bit, watched a lot of coverage on my TV, but also had to work for two of the four days (ARGH!!).

Still, I did manage to get to a night time "it's an awesome Long Weekend" party. Oh yes.


As you may have seen on the TV, it rained all weekend, so I needed coverage and warmth. I wore my sexy, striped Asymmetrical Tunic by City Chic. When I got this tunic, I was really unsure about how to wear it so I went back to basics. I treated the tunic as a dress and due to its asymmetry, I hitched up one side higher on my hip and let the dress find it's own position on my body. The top has a lot of movement with room in the sleeves and body, and while I wasn't sure about the stripes and baggier nature of the top - to be honest - I got a bucket load of compliments in this. I like the sexy drape and neckline and had a guy practically salivate as he asked me out. I already have my own English Mr. Darcy, so I turned him down. To be honest, even if I'd been single, he was far too Daniel Cleaver for me, anyway!



I really like it. I think I'll wear it a lot! How do you feel about stripes? I'm loving them and this tunic has only gone further in seducing me!

To check out CC Stripes in the States - head here! And, for all you Aussie based buyers - check out your strips on the newly glammed up City Chic site HERE!!

Big loves Ladies.