Monday, May 28, 2012

My Melbourne Adventure

Melbourne was a huge eye opener for me, I'm from Brisbane and live about ten minutes from the CBD so I'm no stranger to a busy Capital City, but Melbourne was a whole new level. The Fashion and Music capital of Australia, there was so much to do and so little time to do it. I also injured my feet on the first night of my trip so I was very limited with what I could do. Lucky for me I had my City Chic pyjama pants packed so it made sitting in the hotel room a little better. Being a Queenslander I'm not familiar with the type of cold Melbourne has so I was freezing! All of my beautiful City Chic dresses were covered with a heavy CC coat that my mum picked up during last years sales. At least I was fashionably warm!

City Chic Jacket Circa 2011
City Chic Leggings

The Laneways in Melbourne amazed me, they were so full of life. The streets were filled with Laneways which led to other main streets which contained even more Laneways. I felt like I needed a few more days to further explore the City and surrounding suburbs.

I managed to check out the City Chic Bourke St store and was very impressed with the girls who work there (they were lovely), and of course the Sale racks! So many bargains.

I plan on heading back to Melbourne in a few months time, hopefully when it's warmer. It really is such a beautiful City. I felt right at home in my City Chic attire! In fact while waiting for a Tram one morning I saw a smaller girl wearing a dress exactly the same as the Black Ice Skater Dress which I just so happened to also be wearing haha.

Just a reminder, don't forget City Chic are currently having a huge sale instore and online there is so much to choose from!

What have you bought from the current City Chic sale?

Friday, May 25, 2012

I met Lady Gaga's Stylist in Tokyo!!!

As the title of this post suggests I'm currently in Tokyo, a place that I'm sure most of you know was once home for me that I try to get back to at least once a year. The reason I try and get back as often as possible is amazing things just happen in Tokyo that don't happen anywhere else, like meeting Lady Gaga's stylist on day one of this trip. How freaking amazing is that? I have loved Nicola Formichetti's work for a long time, before he became Lady Gaga's stylist. He started out working at Dazed and Confused magazine in London and went on to style Uniqlo ad campaigns, became the mens fashion editor at Vogue Hommes Japan and he is now currently the Creative Director at Mugler, overseeing the labels resurrection. Of course he is most well known for his work with Lady Gaga, from the meat dress to the Bad Romance film clip he is the man behind it all, and here I am in Harajuku as excited as can be meeting my absolute idol. What kinda makes it an even crazier story for me is Nicola actually emailed me a few weeks ago asking about the Australian fashion industry, yes that's right folks, Nicola Formichetti knows who I am...lets all FREAK OUT right now, I sure did when I got that email.

Have you ever met someone famous? Tell me the story in the comments below.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

City Chic Sale!

Just a quickie today Lovelies!! Aussie Babes! Don't forget there is a MEGA City Chic Sale now on on your local site and instore - you can even grab the Sharp Shoulder Jacket I was wearing last week for WELL OVER 50% off - that saving is MEGA!

Boombands Em rocking jeans, blazer and glitter gold cami for City Chic.
Rocking my Sharp Shoulder Jacket from last week's post. x.

Meanwhile, if you are Stateside - there are always great deals there in the SALE section - with over 150 items currently available. Whoa!

I am having a limited access week as regards the internet - but will be back with a hot outfit for you next week. Stay well!


Thursday, May 17, 2012

Dirty Gold Gorgeous!

Boombands Em rocking jeans, blazer and glitter gold cami for City Chic.

It's amazing the things that make us feel really beautiful, right?

Okay. So, this is a totally different look for me and I LOVE it. I wore this outfit to lunch with one of my close friends and when I saw him, he actually made me turn around so he could see the whole look. The basic outfit saw me pair Dark Bootcut Jeans with a Gold Lurex Cami and Fitted Blazer. This is pretty much the first time I've ever worn an outfit like this. As the weather is cold in London (STILL), I brought along one of my favourite scarves for warmth and colour.

Boombands Em rocking jeans, blazer and glitter gold cami for City Chic.

BOOM! I love it. I really like the dirty gold of the Cami and how it pops through the blazer and then works REALLY nicely with the golden thread in the scarf. I love that the outfit works alone, but also with that added warmth. What do you think? To me, this was a look I tried and kind of won. I like it and will wear it again!

Boombands Em rocking jeans, blazer and glitter gold cami for City Chic.

Another thing I paired with this outfit was some oxidised silver jewelery (bracelet and rings) as well as a vintage handbag with a dirty gold strap. I'm LOVING the colour of the Cami, actually - and really think it makes the look "pop".

Boombands Em rocking jeans, blazer and glitter gold cami for City Chic.
I think the other really cool thing about the basic look is that I'll be able to pair the outfit with different coloured tops underneath. I feel the "open" nature of the blazer makes it a really great choice for a range of highlights. I also LOVE that the blazer is a little fitted. In fact, although this isn't a look I wear very often, I managed to feel confident and happy in this outfit ALL day. There was no second guessing - and I like that. 

I really like it! 

Smooch. x.

My City Chic Outfit Breakdown...
Jeans: Aus Site / USA site
Strappy Tops: Aus Site / USA site
Jackets: Aus Site / USA site

PS. My scarf was a gift from my Mum. I love it. x.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Collar'd at Fashionopolis

City Chic Tripple Collar Tunic $69.95 AUD
 I was flown down to Melbourne to attend the inaugural fashion blogger conference, Fashionopolis, hosted by Nuffnang. Respected fashion industry identities such as stylist Philip Boom, journalist Patty Huntington, fashion buyer Sarah Gale, designer Jenny Bannister and blogger Lady Melbourne all spoke and gave advice during the day. Excitingly I came up in the discussions twice, once for being a blogger of strong convictions (my stance on wearing leather or fur as a vegetarian for 18 years now I just can't do it, fake is ok though) and once as being the most well known plus sized blogger in Australia, which is a great honour. I was of course representing the best plus sized store in the country too, in my fab new City Chic Tripple Collar Tunic that I customised with some collar tips from ebay.

You can see the collar tips more clearly now. They are a great way to individualise an outfit, I got compliments on them all day.

While in Melbourne I picked up the blue faux fur tail at a designer warehouse sale, which again individualises my bag, making my look more my own. My jewellery is all by local Australian designers.

I'm obsessed with these floral Doc Martens I was given. They are not only cute but also super duper comfortable too. Of course I wore my trademark frilly socks with them and as it was super cold in Melbourne I also wore some leggings.

All photos of me by Dannimezza.

Monday, May 14, 2012

Lust haves

I'd like to start by apologising for my lack of Outfit posts recently. I have been sick on and off for a month , (thankfully I'm well on the mend now) and am also stuck at home saving for my Holiday. I'm heading to Melbourne on Thursday for five days, with two of my best friends and I am SO EXCITED! I have never been but have always heard wonderful things. I can not wait to explore Australia's music and fashion capital. I have mentally packed my suitcase and I'm pretty sure I will be wearing at least one City Chic piece EVERY DAY (even to bed). So I will definitely be showing off some of my latest purchases on my return. In the mean time, I thought I would share my current top five favourite items from City Chic's latest collection. As always I have had a hard time narrowing it down to just five but here goes...

Foxy Tunic $79.95. This tunic is adorable, I am not shy of a cute print so the fox print goes straight to my heart. I love the white on black it's the perfect combination really. I can picture myself wearing this with leggings and a crop jacket, pale pink lips and a pair of ballet flats while hitting the Shopping centres. It would also make a cute Festival tunic teamed with sandals in Summer.

Vinyl Gladiator Jacket - $149.95. This just screams ROCK CHICK so of course it needs to be in my wardrobe. I love how versatile jackets are, I can wear them to work, shopping, lunch, out clubbing, my options really are endless. This would look amazing with some of my older City Chic dresses I have.

Black Swan Maxi Dress - $179.95. There are some dresses you just need to have, despite the fact they may never be worn. The Black Swan Maxi is one of those, what a beautiful gown! I love this so much I would almost buy it in hope of finding somewhere to wear it but, this dress deserves to WOW everyone not be left in a wardrobe. The diamonte detail is the icing on the cake for me. So stunning! Anyone want to invite me to a flashy event so I can get this and wear it?

Pear Bootleg Jeans - $99.95. Simply put the 'To For Range' are just that 'to die for'. A range of jeans that are cut to flatter every body shape! I'm a true pear shape, I carry most of my weight on my thighs and bum, so seeing a pair of jeans that will flatter my body and look HOT really excites me. I can't wait to try some on.

The new range of City Chic sleep wear is AMAZING and absolutely fantastic for Winter. I love the cute prints, and I also love that they are sold separately so you can mix and match your tops and bottoms. I ordered the Polka Dot Bow Pants and they are extremely comfortable. I move around a lot in my sleep and like to be comfortable so I upsized two sizes to the XL, they are quite baggy on my legs but the tie on the waist draws them right in so they don't slip. I would wear them all day if I could.
What are your current favourites from City Chic?

Thursday, May 10, 2012

The Little Blue Roxy.

Last week, I was invited to attend a Lingerie Launch in Central London at the Swarovski Crystallized Crystal Cafe. It's kind of magic to be honest. Downstairs? A shop full of Swarovski Crystal jewellery, while upstairs? A café complete with Swarovski covered couches and BAR. To ensure I fit the sexy, lingerie, crystalised atmosphere, I rocked my new Blue Roxanne Dress by City Chic.

For the blue version, I sized up to an L. My black Roxanne is an M and fits pretty tight - so I just wanted the blue a little bigger to give me some more room. I found it a little wide in the hips (I did size up, afterall), so popped a belt on and it worked a treat!

It was such a crazy, lovely day. The rain fell pretty hard and by the time I got off the tube - humidity was ROCKING it in London, so my hair (which had been full and fluffy as I left the house) was pretty droop de droop. I'm getting it cut tomorrow. LONG layers to finally style this mop I've been growing! In any case - despite my limp locks at the Lingerie Launch, I was wearing a Blue Roxanne - so I was totally sexy! 

See you soon lovelies!

Em. x.

PS - For more of my styles each week, please feel free to drop by my own little space on the interwebs!

Monday, May 7, 2012

Big Girl in a Skinny World - youtube series

I just discovered this great youtube series Big Girl in a Skinny World, made for us fashion loving plus size gals and produced by Marie Claire magazine in the USA. The series is hosted by style expert Marcy Guevara and will feature Inside City Chic's good friend and Marie Claire USA plus size columnist Nicolette Mason who will be answering viewers style questions and giving her tips on all the latest in the plus sized fashion world. Its a great series with nine videos so far with topics ranging from the ultimate wardrobe essentials to what to wear on a first date. I suggest making an afternoon of it, sit down, relax and get cosy whilst the lovely hosts inspire you and your style. Remember if you have any style questions I'm always here to help, just ask in the comments below and enjoy the series, I know I have.

P.S. I got sick and missed all but day 1 of fashion week but I will update you later this week on the trends I saw from the comfort of my lounge room, which isn't half as glamorous as attending the shows themselves but it was the best I could do.

Thursday, May 3, 2012

May 2012 - Your Looks, Your City Chic.

Stacey & friend in City Chic for the races!

First up in our latest series of Your Looks, Your City Chic, we have Stacey, who is well known through the City Chic Facebook Community. She bumped into a fellow CC fan at the races earlier this year and they had to grab a snap. Stacey says, "I love CC, knowing that I am going to walk out feeling and looking fantastic."

She does look fantastic too, huh? I especially love the red and black headband teamed with the Red Bow Dress. VERY sultry & sophisticated race day wear, indeed! Stacey is one of my online faves and regularly uploads pics to the FB page - including change room shots, which I love as they're so "in the moment". Totally hot!

Liz is looking stunning in these editorial style shots with makeup by Lana Elguera and picture by JStemmer Photography. Liz is from the States and looks really gorgeous in her Kimono Floral Tunic! Liz told me, "I love City Chic because the clothing line is unique and always stays with the latest fashion making the average American women look fashionable and always in style for any occasion."

Oh yeah. CC makes loads of women stylish for any occasion, that's for sure! Liz uploads photos to the CC page pretty often and is certainly worth looking for on the page! Her style is sophisticated and playful. I love it!

Екатерина is from Russia! When I asked her why she loves City Chic - I got a really enthused reply, it made me excited actually! She told me, "I live in Russia and we do not have such gorgeous clothes. When I saw the City Chic clothes I fell in love! So hot, so pretty, so sexy and this was all because of clothes by City Chic! My friend who lives in the USA buys clothing for me and sent it to Russia. Now the streets of our city look at me with admiration, thank you City Chic!"

I LOVE that last sentence, "The streets of our city look at me with admiration!"... What an amazing, empowering sentence. I feel proud to be associated with a brand who can make someone feel that amazing!

Whoa. Meet Melissa. Talk about looking great and working the Contrast Bow Front Cardi (still available in the United States). Melissa looks amazing in these shots and has a blog, Style Is Eternal, where she regularly shows off her gorgeous fashion choices. What a great shot to share.

Last up today we have Simone. This image really struck me and is from a tour Simon is doing called I Sing Like I Feel! A tribute to Ella Fitzgerald! The grace and elegance in this shot took my breath away. Something else I loved - when I asked Simone why she loves CC - there was no stopping her:

"City Chic clothes are AMAZING! The sexy statement pieces in particular always draw attention from friends and strangers alike. Whether it’s a shimmering off-the-shoulder number or a slinky dress, people seem genuinely surprised to find a larger woman attractive. And I absolutely LOVE setting an example for any girl who thinks she’s too big to be beautiful. But I have to say that the staff at my regular store (Westfield, Marion) have been an absolute inspiration to me from the very first day I set foot in there. I used to be quite self-conscious, until I met the gorgeous girls in City Chic, confidently wearing their sleeveless tops, tight jeans and low neck lines. They were all smart, sassy women who were proud of their curves, and they showed me that sexy comes from within. 

I took a leaf from their book very early on and have worn my CC clothes with much swagger ever since!"

There is something really cool about logging on to the City Chic facebook page and browsing through the shots of awesome women all wearing CC Clothes. If you upload your photo to the page or even tag CC in a photo - I might come looking for YOU to get involved here on the CC blog. I think one thing from posts like this is clear - there are many women, all over the world, wearing and loving City Chic clothes... so come on, Ladies! Show us what you've got!


Wednesday, May 2, 2012

They’re here, and they’re To Die For!!

City Chic believe in a woman’s right to an awesome pair of jeans no matter what shape you are!

They have taken on board your feedback, mixed it with Courtney's passion for denim and designed a fabulous new line....
Introducing T.D.F (to die for) Jeans. A range made from superior quality sateen denim that is comfortable to wear, looks gorgeous on and has a fit that’s To Die For! I

I had the luxury of trying a pair of these jeans on at the Managers meeting i couldn't wait for them to arrive, I AM SO IN LOVE! They are the most comfortable bottoms i own, i don't even feel like i'm wearing jeans. That's huge for me because i'm so fussy with denim. I have been wearing CC Glamourzons forever and i'm happy to say these are my new favourite J. They fit so well and i feel amazing in them. 

Here's a few other reasons why i know you'll love them too 

©      Superior Quality Denim
You girls asked for better quality denim and here it is! They are made from a sateen denim which has awesome stretch but won’t stretch out of shape wooo hooo J. They are also really soft to touch – once you have them on you’ll keep touching your legs hehe J

©      Specialised Body Shaped Fit
These jeans have been specially designed for different body shapes – As a guide the jeans focus on 4 main body types: Apple, Column, Hourglass and Pear. Each shape jean has different features to help get you the best fit. For Example:

Worried about your jeans gaping at the waist?
Pear and Hourglass: The jeans suited for these shapes have adjustable cinching elastic hidden on the inside of the waist bands. No more gapping woo hoo J.

Tags have shape identifier

©      Classic dark wash
The jeans are a gorgeous dark blue wash making it easy to dress up or down, with just the right amount of sand blasting through the legs to give a slimmer leg look.

©      Goodbye Muffin Top
O-M-G! This is probably my favourite thing about these jeans. The waist is high rise so they come up high enough to suck me in. My body is shaped straight up and down like a column so when I put these jeans on the high waist cinches me in and gives me a nice waist I couldn’t see before 

©      2 Different leg lengths
Yes it’s true! The jeans all come in a Short and Regular length. There is 4cm difference between the lengths so you are less likely to need alterations.

Shopping for these jeans are made easy too. Each pair has a tag that shows what shape they are suited for and what length they are (S) for short (R) for regular. The jeans come in wide leg, bootleg and skinny leg so there’s something for everyone. All of the tags, stitching and buttons are colour coded, making it easier to remember which ones you bought. CC think of everything don't they J. 

A lot of love has gone into this range and it’s all about every girl being able to find jeans that not only fit well but are flattering to the body. If you aren't sure about what shape you are just ask The City Chic team in stores, they are there to fit you for what I’m sure will be your favourite jeans forever!

Sarah and Renae from the Elizabeth store

Stock is in stores now and you can't miss the awesome window display so jeans junkie or not get into your local CC and try them on. J. I’m sure the worst thing that will happen is you’ll think they are to die for too!  

Take a happy snap of you in your T.D.F jeans and email it to me at 
I’m posting everyone’s pics in an up coming T.D.F post xxx