Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Red on the roof

City Chic Surprise Back Shirt $69.95 AUD
 I love anything sheer so as soon as I saw this sheer red shirt dress at City Chic I knew I needed it. I'm also obsessed with all things to do with collars at the moment, from peter pan collars to your regular ol' shirt collar. Seen on the blogosphere for a while now, collar tips are like little jewellery triangles for your collar, you simply add the triangle bits to any shirt you own to give it a new lease of life. They simply screw on and off so you can use them again and again and again, you saw me wear them last week with in my neon pink outfit.

I simply wore my fave black t-shirt bra and leggings under the sheer shirt for a bit of a risqué look. I'm not afraid of showing off my curves, but if you'd feel more comfortable with a slip underneath then by all means wear one. The shirt is versatile like that, you can dress it up more conservatively for the day and more sexy by night. 

I love this vintage velvet bag I picked up at an op shop years ago for $3, its so cute. My rings are oldies from City Chic, but there are some fab new styles out now, check out the accessories page.

How to Style
Dress City Chic Surprise Back Shirt $69.95 AUD A fun sheer shirt dress that you can wear tucked into a skirt, open or over leggings like I have, its just so versatile.
Sunnies Karen Walker Super Duper's are my favourite sunglasses ever.
Bra City Chic Black Love Plunge Bra $59.95 AUD The perfect bra for under sheer pieces.
Bag Vintage velvet purse from an op shop or vintage store.
Bangles City Chic Black Enamel Bangle Set $19.95 AUD The perfect silver bangle set.
Rings City Chic Stack Silvers Ring $14.95 AUD Stacked rings look amazing on.
Loafers Studded velvet loafers are going to be big this season, I'm on the look out for a pair as we speak.
Collar Tips I found mine on ebay but friends have found some at vintage stores too.

Will you be trying out collar tips too?

Sunday, March 25, 2012

February Favourites

Feb fashion was so amazing & March is looking even better! I have to say I just love how on trend City Chic is. Last month malls were full of rich pinks, purples, blues and teals. Ponte dresses, jackets, & skirts in shop fronts everywhere and City Chic was no exception. But what I love most is that a City Chic girl can rock these trends like no other! You girls are fierce!!! J There were so many amazing pieces, my self and the Elizabeth team just had to share our favourites with you J

Sarah's Fav: 
Cobalt Joplin Biker Jacket:
“This is such an awesome jacket! It’s a great fit and the colour is amazing. Rock this with skinny jeans and heels for dinner with the girls”           

My Fav: 
Love Lurex Jumper:
“This paired with leggings makes the perfect outfit for a movie night with the boyfriend. Comfy & cute”.

Blondie Rock Tunic:
“This tunic it’s such a pretty colour. The lace detail makes it a little girly. Wear it with some leggings, boots and a leather jacket to get that hot rocker look”

Nails to match??? A customer was browsing the racks and I had to take a happy snap of her awesome nails – Love it!  

Renae's Fav:
Galaxy Beaded Ponte Dress:
“Omg I love this dress. It hugs the curves just nicely, the beaded detail means you don’t have to wear a necklace, just rock some bigger earrings. The perfect dress for a big night out”.

Dakota's Fav:
Kiss Me Skater Dress:
“Love the design! Cap sleeve is a great length; belt gives a great shape and its super sweet! Not to mention this style is so hot right now”.

Floral Lace Back Dress:
“This dress is flirty & fun. You can dress it up or down for different occasions and its silky so a little bit sexy too”.

 Us girls in store land looove hearing about what you love wearing! Regular City Chic shopper Ashleigh takes you through her Feb Favourites in a fun photo shoot!

Photographer: Jacqueline Clare Morris
Makeup: Me

Zipped Up Trench Dress:
The trench is great for a date or night out with friends. it's sexy and fitted in all the right places”

Lace Back Tunic
“I love wearing the lace back tunics when going out with friends because they're so relaxed and light”.

Rock on Ponte Dress
“I absolutely love the beaded dress! It's still sexy without showing too much off. Definitely my favourite”!

Lace Dancer Dress
“The blue lace dress is perfect to wear to dinner, it’s classy and elegant”

I think this dress is gorgeous and it's one of my fav's this year - Check out Em Below , she's styled it just right and looks fabulous. 

Keep your eyes open, I've had a sneak peek at whats to come and we will all be looking HOT this winter – Boots are in stores and looking fabulous!, Trench coats and coloured jeans are arriving, i'm so excited and I know you girls will be too.

P.s: What did all you city chicers grab at the Members VIP sale? 

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Hey Gorgeous, Why So Blue?

Dear City Chic Lace Dancer Dress,

I have been waiting. In London, all through Winter, I've seen GORGEOUS looking lace dresses release on the high street and online. I tried some. NONE of them looked good, made me feel beautiful or even fit very well. I was sad. :(

Then you came along:

See how happy you made me? Oh yes. City Chic Lace Dancer Dress, you've won my heart. 

Your soft lace overlay feels beautiful on my skin and your lining is lovely and discreet. I feel feminine and pretty and love how well you fit. You're a little bit stretchy and your attached belt loops let me add a new belt easily. I had to - I needed a little gold buckle to match my vintage handbag.

It's still a little cold here in London, so I paired you with boots and tights. Sigh...

Gorgeous blue, Lace Dancer Dress, your colour is divine and doesn't need anything else to really look beautiful! I used a little pink as my "offset" colour, wearing bright lipstick and a flowery clip - but you're just beautiful, so I didn't need much! You made looking pretty and FEELING pretty - so easy. I adore you.

So thank you, dear City Chic Lace Dancer Dress. I wore you out for a date with my boyfriend and we wowed him - effortlessly. I know Fashion Hayley loves you too - it's because you're beautiful.


Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Two Girls One Dress

City Chic Longline Shirt tunic $79.95 AUD (currently sold out online)
While shopping with Phebe at the City Chic Melbourne flagship store on Bourke Street we both fell in love with the above neon pink shirt dress. Already having very similar style (as documented in these two posts) I thought it could be fun to take it that step further and actually see how we would both actually style this fun piece.

My turn first. I decided to wear the dress to the Vogue show at LMFF. Working from a reduced travelling wardrobe where I only packed one jacket not knowing that it would turn out to be quite chilly in Melbourne I knew I had to work my red blazer into the look somehow. So I decided to team all my red pieces together and colour block my look based on red and pink with a hint of black and silver.

I added my silver collar clips to the ends of the collar for instant wow factor (I found mine on ebay) and wore a designer friends statement necklace in red and silver. To combat the sheer issue I wore a black slip from another City Chic dress I already own.

My nails were painted in matching neon pink and I wore belted the dress with my awesome red tartan belt to define my waist.

Fashion week is the perfect time for statement pieces, so I wore my funny "tumblr" bag with its cute pink cat which got a lot of people talking. I also wore my favourite flats as heels are sadly still a no go for me after my knee injury. 

Phebe's turn. Phebe wore the dress as a vest over a casual shopping day outfit of an awesome vintage wolf t-shirt and leggings. The shirt dress is so versatile, there are just so many ways you can wear it be it as a dress, open, as a vest, belted etc...

The shirt dress looks awesome as a vest.

The sheer fabric blowing in the wind.

Phebe wore matching pink lipstick and some awesome Ray Ban sunnies with her signature up-do.

Now we just have to make sure not to turn up at the same event in the same outfit, because as every woman knows there is nothing worse (well at least according to Hollywood movies). 

Have you ever had the same dress/top/skirt as a friend? How did that work out? Did you have to let each other know in advance when each other was wearing it? Let me know in the comments below. 


Monday, March 19, 2012

Woodstock Rocks!

City Chic's latest collection Woodstock was released last week and I have fallen in love with a number of pieces. The Woodstock era was a time between the 60's and 70's where Boho/Hippie styles met Rock. There was also the famous Woodstock where famous artists such as Janis Joplin and Jimi Hendrix took the stage. The fashion was very 'hippie' inspired and free spirited with bursts of reds and browns. For modern day Celebs who have embraced 'Woodstock Fashion' think Sienna Miller, Julia Stone and, Isabel Lucas. City Chic have taken all of this on board and have adapted the Woodstock trend to help us flatter and flaunt our curvier figures. I am lusting after a number of pieces from the collection, here are my top five picks:

Cute Cord Jacket - $99.95. I am all about jackets at the moment. Brisbane is slowly getting cooler at night and I can not wait for Winter so I can wear an amazing jacket like this! I have been on the search for the perfect red jacket for well over a year now and my search stopped when I saw this in the new arrivals. The cut and colour is perfect, I am itching to head in store and try this on. A jacket like this needs to be shown off, I would team it with a plain black dress, wedges, and my trademark red lipstick, and head out for a night with the girls.

Shoulder Loop Top - $59.95. Courtney looks AMAZING in this outfit, the top is so Hot. I am lusting after this shirt to wear with my leopard print skirt, I love the sleeves and the detail on the wrists, it is extremely flattering! 

Wild Hi Lo Maxi - $119.95. This dress is gorgeous and is keeping with the Woodstock trend. I love it! I'm still a little self conscious of my legs so I love the added material at the back, it would help me feel more covered and comfortable. I would keep with the Woodstock theme and team this dress with a pair of Sandals and flowers in my hair for the perfect out fit for my families Easter weekend.

Elbow Patch Biker Jacket - $129.95. When I saw this outfit combination my Jaw almost hit the floor, it just screams SEXY! The jacket in particular wowed my inner Rock Chick and I just have to make it mine. The cut is extremely flattering and the zippers and buttons add a real rock star feel, the leatherette patches on the elbows also add a different touch. This jacket needs to find itself in my wardrobe so I can rock it at some of the Concerts I have coming up!

Pleated Lace Bell Tunic
- $79.95. This gorgeous tunic has a very hippie meets glam vibe to it, I must say I am loving it. It is perfect for the Autumn weather and I adore the lace detail. I would rock this tunic with bright red lips, bright red wedges, and leggings for a night out on the town! This tunic is also very versatile and could be teamed with sandals for a cute lunch date outfit.

The above are just a few of the very many new release outfits I am lusting after on the City Chic site. What are your favourite picks?

Friday, March 16, 2012

The right bra for the right dress

My fatshion blogger friend Phebe (who I blogged about last week) and I finally got to meet in person when we were both down in Melbourne for L'Oreal Melbourne Fashion Festival. As I blogged previously Phebe is a talented photographer, so she was in town to snap runway photos for an Adelaide based online magazine. I was in town because I miss Melbourne a lot and any excuse I can get to return home I take. While having lunch at one of my favourite Melbourne haunts Phebe confessed that she hadn't packed very well as she only had a 15kg luggage limit, which for fashion week is crazy. So off we headed to City Chic's Melbourne flagship store on Bourke Street to see if we could remedy the situation and find her something fashion week appropriate.

City Chic Gold Cowl Neck Top $69.95 AUD
We both loved the stripes.

City Chic Hot Pink Belt $29.95 AUD
 This belt had Phebe at hello.

City Chic Bianca Pussy Bow Top $69.95 AUD and City Chic Seventies Glam Skirt $79.95 AUD
We really liked this outfit option as Phebe loves to wear colour.

As soon as Phebe tried on this dress we knew it was the one as it fit her like a glove and really defined her waist. The only issue was she needed a new bra, one that lifted and gave shape to her ample bust. Luckily City Chic's range of intimates was right there. 

City Chic Intimates
City Chic Adore Contour Strapless Bra $59.95 AUD
 A great option for those strapless dresses, but not for this dress as the cups would sit too high and be exposed.
City Chic Black Love Plunge Bra $59.95 AUD
The perfect bra for this dress. The moulded cup gives shape to the bust whilst also lifting giving a sexy cleavage. The plunge neckline works well with the neckline of the dress so no exposed bra drama's. 

City Chic Cute Buckle Waist Dress $119.95 AUD
Phebe instantly felt amazing once she had on the new bra. It gave her the confidence to wear a neckline she wouldn't normally go for knowing that the bra was making all the difference. 

City Chic Cute Buckle Waist Dress $119.95 AUD
Phebe styled the dress with her favourite printed bag (it fits all her camera gear) and her cute pink Vivienne Westwood ballet flats. A chic and sexy look thanks to a new bra that works wonders not only on Phebe's shape but also on her confidence. 

So girls the right bra can make all the difference. Have you tried out City Chic's great new range of intimates?


City Chic just made me swoon!

Every week, just like all of you - I jump online to see what's happening next with the latest release of  City Chic's fashions. I don't get advance warning - so just like you - I'm keen for those friday uploads to CC's Facebook!

This week - there were FOUR looks that really stood out for me and reminded me of great styling and fantastic colour combinations. 


I mean - BOOM! What great pieces, what amazing styling and what fantastic colour combinations. It is so simple to say red goes with black - but seeing this styling on the site was like a massive reminder about just how much red can make an outfit POP. I think ANY of us CC girls could rock BOTH of the above looks and I hope some of you upload images to Facebook, so I can see you in them!


So! Autumn has arrived in Australia and it's great to see some sexy neutrals mixed in with fall colours and rich blacks. When I saw all of the above pieces, I felt jealous that we're hitting Spring here in the UK! 

The Faux Fur Glam Cardi is just a lovely piece and I actually adore the neutral tone of the tassle on the Midi Skirt. I saw online there were some mixed Facebook reactions to the Amber Flame Dress - but for me - this was my winning piece of the week's latest releases. I like the off centre pattern, wide straps, gorgeous drape and high sweetheart neckline. Courtney also carries this dress with ease and I rekon it would be a lazy sexy outfit... You know - the ones you put on, need minimal effort - but still look like a million bucks. The Amber Flame Dress is that kind of outfit for me!

I would love to know your favourites on the CC site at the moment? I bet you'd look hot in all of them. x.

Em. x.

Friday, March 9, 2012

London's Great Easter Egg Hunt.

Boombands Em on the hunt for Fabergé Easter Eggs in London as part of the Queen's Diamon Jubilee. Em wears head to toe City Chic.

At the moment, in London - 200 Fabergé Easter Eggs are hidden all over the city as part of the Queen's Diamond Jubilee. In the lead up to Easter, Londoners and tourists alike are hunting for the spectacular Eggs scattered throughout the city. One of my first blog posts here at City Chic was about the Elephants across London back in 2010 - I loved the sculpture hunt back then, and I LOVE this Egg hunt now.

Oh yes! And what did I wear through Central London on a lazy weekend hunting for eggs? 


Without a jacket?

Boombands Em on the hunt for Fabergé Easter Eggs in London as part of the Queen's Diamon Jubilee. Em wears head to toe City Chic.

WITH a jacket! It's COLD here!

Boombands Em on the hunt for Fabergé Easter Eggs in London as part of the Queen's Diamon Jubilee. Em wears head to toe City Chic.

I went for a full black get up. A block black outfit is one of my FAVOURITE looks and although I wear a lot of colour now, my goth roots are something I will constantly refer back to! 

Boombands Em on the hunt for Fabergé Easter Eggs in London as part of the Queen's Diamon Jubilee. Em wears head to toe City Chic.

And did I find more than one egg?

Boombands Em on the hunt for Fabergé Easter Eggs in London as part of the Queen's Diamon Jubilee. Em wears head to toe City Chic.

YEAH! I found TWO!!!

For my Eggie Peg hunt in London, I rocked: 
City Chic Sexy Button Pleat Skirt (AUS based site / USA based site)
City Chic Gathered Front V-Neck Cami (AUS / USA)
City Chic Party Knit Shrug (AUS / USA
City Chic Jacket (AUS / USA)

SMOOCH! Em. x.

For more from Em during the week, check out the Oh, The Places You'll Go! blog. x.