Sunday, February 26, 2012

Collar Me Chic

I'm a dress girl, there is no doubt about it, when I'm getting dressed in the morning I almost always will turn to a dress. Why? Not only are they an easy all one outfit option (great when your running late and don't have time to coordinate separates in your hazy morning state) but they also just seem to flatter my curves in ways that other pieces just don't. This City Chic Mod Contrast Cuff Dress $119.95AUD is currently in high rotation in my wardrobe for all those reasons and more. I am always partial to a bit of black sheer and I love that this dress comes with an included black slip because now I have the perfect slip for some of my vintage pieces, essentially you get two dresses for the price of one, score! I also love the collar and cuff detail, the collar trend is one of my favourites this season and I love being able to play along too. Not only that but I also love the gold buttons, such a cute detail which makes the dress even more of a statement piece.

The dress has black and gold buttons so I teamed it with gold accessories. My old favourite vintage gold buckle black leather belt with my classic vintage gold chain fringed zip quilted bag and my designer friend's gold bangle from her recent sample sale. Tres chic!

Of course I wore my signature frilly lace socks with my classic black loafers.

I'm in love with my Karen Walker sunglasses so expect to see a lot more of them as I never want to take them off.
Are you a dress girl too? 

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Some great new plus size model magazine covers

French Elle has put plus size model Tara Lynn on their cover this month hailing her as The Body. France is well known for its devotion to skinny with Chanel's head designer Karl Lagerfield calling Grammy award winning songstress Adele too fat for fashion. He claims it was a misquote, but Karl is well known for his position on curves. As much as Tara isn't exactly plus size in terms of the real world, in the fashion world its a step in the right direction to see models like Tara on the front cover of such a well respected fashion industry bible, such as French Elle. 

Australian magazine Madison has also chosen to feature a plus size model on its cover this month, choosing home grown plus size super model Robyn Lawley as its March cover girl. The byline reads You don't have to be skinny or small to be beautiful, a direct quote from Lawley herself from the fantastic interview inside. Now ain't that the truth? Its what we have known all along, but finally it seems the fashion industry is listening to us. With a fashion feature on super sexy curves Madison is on the right path, instead of the usual emaciated teenager we are seeing real women presenting the fashion for us, real women.

What are your thoughts on these two covers? Is it too little too late for you? Or a step in the right direction?

Monday, February 20, 2012

Skater Girl

Who has been watching Channel 10's latest hit 'The New Girl' starring the cute and quirky Zooey Deschanel? So far we are only a few episodes into the series but I am loving it, it is hilarious! What I am also loving though is the fashion, lead character Jess (Zooey) wears some very cute outfits! Like this red dress in the opening credits, does it look familiar?...

Zooey's red dress is an exact match to my ALL TIME FAVOURITE City Chic dress the Ice Skater Dress. Honestly ladies this dress is one of the most comfortable and flattering dresses I own. It doesn't stop there though, love the Skater Dress style but not the sleeves? Perhaps you'd like a different colour? Well lucky for you City Chic have released a few more options for you:

3. Strapless Skater Dress - $99.95
4. Skater Girl Dress - $69.95 (Only M's left).

You may remember me rocking my Ice Skater Dress at the Gold Coast in one of my past posts. The Ice Skater Dress is my pick because of the sleeves and the cute little belt. It is my favourite dress and I am itching to go out this weekend just so I can wear it again!

Which Skater Dress is your favourite?

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Jeans Jeans Jeans.


Fact is, I used to wear jeans every day. Yup. From 12 to about 27, I pretty much ONLY wore jeans. Jeans and t-shirts, jeans and singlets, jeans and jumpers. 

Jeans. Jeans. Jeans. 

SINCE I've been about 27, I've pretty much only worn dresses and sometimes (these days) shorts and skirts. At that golden age, 27 - I don't entirely know what happened, my mum bought me a dress and then soon after -  they became my clothing of choice. In the last few years, I have worn jeans a once or twice:

From one of my CC posts in January 2011 on Alpine Accessories

In my recent Scottish post, I mentioned a City Chic Tunic that could be worn with jeans... and one of you kind of challenged me on that! I was asked by my lovely challenger about how often I ever really wear jeans. I kind of loved that...

The thing is, I'm a big believer in trying new things, learning about my own sense of fashion and being dynamic. This little jean challenge made me think about how I actually rule out a whole bunch of choices and styles because of my lack of denim. SO here I go...  And from now on I'll try myself in some CC jeans every now and then to help show you a couple of different looks!


I've gone for High Waist Skinny jeans for this post. Because I'm constantly in leggings, I thought High Waist Skinnys would kind of replicate the feeling of my leggings and therefore feel safe for me to wear out and about... Changing up a look can be much easier when you have a little comfort and confidence.

I teamed my Cool Cat High Waist jeans with my Strappy Lovebird Top and a Cardigan. I'm wearing proper snow sneakers and can confirm I was FREEZING when I took off my winter coat to take these shots for you.

To be honest, the day, while freezing, was beautiful as it hadd snowed the night before. My boyfriend and I headed into central London to walk through St. James Park right by Buckingham Palace. It's been a much milder winter this year and I always relish a chance to enjoy snow, so the weekend was a real treat. These shots were taken about ten days ago and looking through them again makes me wish it would snow again!


In St. James' Park with Buckingham Palace in the background. Fancy!

I liked the outfit I chose for this post. I liked how I felt and looking at the shots, I'm glad for that small challenge about jeans! I am sure next time, I will get some MORE shots too... Gotta grow my jean confidence a bit, first! 

Meanwhile, I'm about to get online and browse through some more City Chic clothing... any more challenges? Or anything else you want me to wear WITH the jeans?


Em. x.

PS... To my dear challenger - I promise, more jeans to come!

(Head HERE or all your Stateside Jeans choices!
And HERE for Australia, New Zealand and Everywhere else!)

Monday, February 13, 2012

Welcome to Studio 54

Hello ladies! Welcome to Studio 54. A collection that features glittering golds, rich teals and a seriously amazing Ponte jacket!! I am a little addicted to Ponte fabric at the moment. It sits so beautifully on all body shapes and is so easy to mix with other textures, which means even moooooore wardrobe options woohoo!

When I saw the jacket & skirt from this collection I instantly thought: super stylish work wear with a twist! It’s never been so easy to look amazing and feel comfortable!

Tip: Tuck cami in and wear skirt high waisted with teal belt to break up the black and gold! (this look also works with the pink MOD belt or any of the coloured belts from CC if you don’t like teal)

I love the Chiffon Vest! It’s Pretty, floral, earthy and simple – reminds me of a different 70’s era. A cute way to dress up your basics.


Tip: Swap shorts and leggings for jeans if you’re not comfortable showing your legs.

What do you girls think of the new Studio 54 collection? Oooh and what's everyone wearing on their Valentines Day adventures?

x x x Kirsty

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Plus London!

Plus London Event.
Cupcakes were made by blogger Wendy especially for the night event!

Plus London Two happened at the weekend. It was AMAZING. Literally - 100 bloggers from across the UK and Europe. I'm talking curvy girls from England, Germany, Switzerland, France, Belgium... etc.! It was a melting pot of people talking fashion and plus size style!

I wore two outfits for Plus London - and City Chic clothing was present for both. Of Course! Through the day, I needed my City Chic Pleather Jacket to help keep me warm!

Plus London Event. City Chic jacket, Anna Scholz dress. Boombands Em.
City Chic Jacket looks SLAMMIN' with my stunning, colourful dress by designer Anna Scholz

During the day, we went to the studios of Designer Anna Scholz to look at her latest collections, as well as try outfits and discuss gorgeous fashion. It was a great day - with lots of different girls of all shapes and sizes trying clothes and cooing over fabrics and prints. It was also truly wonderful to talk with Anna herself about her inspiration and designs! I think everyone LOVED the day!

Plus London Event. Anna Scholz Q&A. Boombands Em.
Designer Anna Scholz discusses fashion with girls at Plus London.

The night time event was a FABULOUS party! Yes it was!!! And would you believe, that after a relatively quiet Winter - it snowed all night! Crazy! I did a costume change for the Party and decided to go a little vintage with one of the Latest City Chic Mod Release dresses, as well as some of my CC Staples!

Plus London Event. City Chic dress. Boombands Em.

It was so much fun. I'd say that ALL the girls at the Plus London Party really wanted to take time with each other and enjoy talking fashion. It's a strange world when you blog - you connect with so many people, but talking to them (in person) is very rare. This event gave us an excellent opportunity to just enjoy each other.

I loved catching up with Lauren of Pocket Rocket at the event.

Plus London Event. City Chic dress. Boombands Em.
Outfit Details:
Love Me Polka Dot Dress

I had such fun. One of my favourite things as well? There were non-bloggers there. Girls who READ all the blogs were invited too and for me, that was one of my favourite things. I email with some of the people who read my blog posts pretty often, so it is always lovely to meet those people in person!

Bring on Plus London Three, I say!

Loves - Em. x.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Valentine's Lingerie

Roses are Red! Violets are Blue!
I'm wearing City Chic Lingerie for V-Day how about you?

Ladies it's that time of year again, time for feeling sexy, being naughty but looking oh so nice.

This year City Chic has sexy lingerie and I have my hands on a few sets. These pieces are flirty and flattering. Perfect for a lady with curves looking to put a little spice into her love life.

These pieces are great for under a outfit for dinner and dancing on the town or maybe it is your outfit for dinner and dancing at home.

Either way City Chic has a great collection to choose from. Styles include bright pink to luxurious lace, hi-waisted panty sets to daring see thru lace boy shorts.

I have taken a few pics of myself in my favorite sets:

I'm still undecided on which dress I'm wearing for Valentines Day but I do know what I'm wearing underneath my dress, lingerie by City Chic.

XOXO Sommer Lovely

Monday, February 6, 2012

Going GLAM with Studio 54

City Chic's latest collection Studio 54 has just been released bringing a lot of Metallic colours, blues and blacks. It is a collection full of GLAM. I am usually a very simple kind of girl when it comes to my outfits, I usually stick to black with pops of colour in a Kaftan top and use bright accessories or a colourful lipstick and nail polish. I am all for trying new things and taking little 'risks' with my fashion choices though and there are a few pieces in the Studio 54 collection that I MUST have.

The Gold Rush Mini Skirt is my favourite item from the collection by far! It truly is a show stopper and is incredibly glam! I am about to purchase it online and I can not wait to wear it for a night on the town. I would style it with a City Chic Cami, Full length leggings and, a Black Enamel Bangle Set. I would team it with my black peep toe wedges, red nail polish and red lipstick for a truly sexy and glam look!

I am also lusting over the Spliced Skater Dress which could be dressed up with a pair of heels or down with a pair of sandals for a cute lunch date outfit. The Pintuck Crop Jacket is a simple way to add a little colour to an all black outfit. The jacket would work incredibly with a Little black dress or even a pair of black jeans and a Cami. Perfect for Winter! I adore the Rosey Posey Chiffon Vest it is perfect for me to wear over a black dress to Future Music Festival. Very Festival Chic!

These are a few of my 'wish list' items from the Studio 54 collection, while they aren't something I would usually wear I am excited to play around with them and try new things. The best part about fashion is it's open to interpretation and as long as YOU LOVE what YOU are wearing there really are no rights or wrongs. City Chic is all about giving us curvy ladies a variety of different options and different takes on fashion trends. I am loving the large variety items they put out each week.

What is your favourite Studio 54 item?

Saturday, February 4, 2012

I see blue lace dresses

Since I last posted about my favourite new blue lace dress I have noticed something unusual. Yes, I have been seeing this chic style of dress pop up everywhere! You could say "I see blue lace dresses" haha (do you get the movie reference?) From episode 9 of the current season of Gossip Girl where Lillian van der Woodsen wore hers in her trademark classic style, teaming it with a half updo and statement earrings with otherwise minimal and timeless accessories for an evening event.
To Madeline Follin, the lead singer of indie New York City band the Cults rocking hers hipster style on stage at this weekends Laneway music festival. By pairing it with vintage sunnies and sassy red lips Madeline has made the dress her own.

City Chic Lace Dancer Dress $119.95 AUD
From chic evening wear to hipster vintage style this dress can be styled in so many ways. How have you styled yours? 

Thursday, February 2, 2012

A Wee Scottish Sojourn!

Scottish Seaside.

I've had a great little weekend just gone... My boyfriend and I hit Scotland for a lovely LONG weekend, and while we were lucky with the weather (freezing cold, but the sun still shining) - we managed to see some great sights.

Highland Cows!

I have to say, in the UK - it is pretty FAB how easily you can travel about. We flew into Edinburgh, drove to St. Andrews and then did mini road trips across four days of beautiful landscape and history!

St. Andrews Cathedral Ruins. Amazing and Beautiful.

On our last day, my boyfriend surprised me with a trip to Edinburgh Zoo to see The Pandas. I adore Pandas, so this was a really special treat for me!


Back in London this week, I've been catching up with friends and enjoying the cold spell. I've told you previously, that the weather here has been really mild this Winter - well, it seems, February is going to see a last little cold snap descend. It's FREEZING. Of course, this means - under my Winter Coat, I look deliciously fabulous in my City Chic gear and I get to do a big reveal, everywhere I go. Temperatures inside, in the UK can be extremely hot through Winter, so you kind of have to dress like a little Ski Bunny for outside, and a short sleeved babe - for indoors.

I like taking my photos outside, where possible - so here I am, Winter Coatless and combatting WIND!


Ha. Ha. Seriously. How great is the Mod Collection right now? City Chic is nailing this look and here I've gone for simple clothing elements - but still look fierce.


So - I've teamed the Drape Back Tunic, with the Hot Pink Belt, Elbow Sleeve Shrug and Full Length Leggings. I'm also actually wearing the City Chic Thigh Shapers in these shots because apart from giving great shape - they are also lovely and warming!

PhotobucketI would say this look was actually inspired by the Contrast Sash Tunic and the thing I love most about this whole outfit? I can mix it up. The Drapey Tunic I'm wearing is amazing and versatile. I can wear it without a belt, with jeans, with different accessories - so simple, yet totally workable. I love that.

As I mentioned in my last post, I'm spending this weekend with a bunch of European bloggers at Plus London Two to discuss fashion and frivolity here in the UK and abroad. I can't wait!

I've totally chosen my outfit too. From the Mod Collection. Of Course!

In about two weeks, I am doing another Your Looks, Your City Chic Post - so be sure and email me your photos or upload them to the City Chic Facebook page.

Until next week Ladies!

Em. x.