Sunday, January 29, 2012

Lace in the park

City Chic Lace Dancer Dress $119.95 AUD
Hi ladies. Like I blogged on Friday I did end up going shopping at my local City Chic store, and boy did I shop up a storm! Pretty much as soon as I saw this blue lace skater dress on the rack I knew it had to be mine. Its not only the perfect cut for my shape (I've always loved skater style dresses) but the pretty blue lace was speaking to me in ways I can't explain, its just so darn pretty! Also being a stylist means that I'm privy to seeing fashion collections and lookbooks from designers ahead of seasons, and I can let you in on a little secret, lace is going to be huge this winter, as is navy. So this dress is going to get a lot of wear from me, that's for sure. Perfect for warm summer days like today with some sandals and a great bag and then in winter I'll just add tights and a chicly cut blazer for an on trend lace look. I love trans-seasonal pieces like this, don't you?

I'll admit my style is a little out there and my love of socks and sandals is a little controversial for most, but you could easily style this with some classic black pumps for a chic and classy wedding look. 

Have you bought this dress too? Don't you love it? How have you styled it? Let me know in the comments bellow xoxo

Friday, January 27, 2012

Fash Math = Sexy Secretary

Hey guys. How amazing is the latest mod collection at City Chic? I am in LOVE with so many of the pieces and am actually heading out the door as I type to shop up a storm at my local City Chic store. I'm going to try on so many things from the collection but the number one on my must have list is the dress in the outfit below. I mean, I love sheer, I love the collar trend and I love shirt dresses so what's not to love about this dress? It's basically my dream dress.


City Chic Mod Contrast Cuff Dress $119.95 AUD

City Chic Siren Corset $99.95 AUD and City Chic Siren Shorty $29.95 AUD


This outfit is inspired by the 2002 film Secretary, staring Maggie Gyllenhaal and James Spader which is one of my all time favourite movies! I love dressing with a theme or character in mind, do you do that too? Please tell me I'm not the only one.

Thursday, January 26, 2012


Aw! I miss you all!

I better talk about London before the pangs of homesickness gets to me! I've had a really lovely week. I'm heading off on a wee road trip tomorrow up through Scotland with Darcy - but wanted to tell you what I've been up to and what I'm loving instore at City Chic this week.

This week, here in London, I 've been super busy doing some freelance days in at the BBC. It was quite exciting - I was working on an amazing documentary for release later in the year. VERY different to the type of material I usually work on - so it was quite a good challenge!

Also, I went to the launch of the latest UK based Underwear Range by Celebrity Stylist Gok Wan... It was pretty fab and I got to see Gok, himself!

Boombands Em Photo from the New Gok Wan Lingerie for Simply Yours. Vintage Styles thanks to his "Hall of Fame" Collection. Colours in Crush, Blush and Slate.

Next week, I'm attending a big event in London for UK Bloggers called Plus London Two. There will be OVER 100 plus-size women and bloggers at the event and I can not wait. I'm sure we'll talk fashion, shopping and style! It will be an amazing event and I plan to wear City Chic. I get LOADS of questions about the brand when I'm out here in London and it's nice to feel like I can share details on my favourite brand with so many other girls. 

I am contemplating what to wear... I know some girls will go all out in glitzy dresses and bling, while others will keep it cool and casual! I think a signature style City Chic dress with wicked accessories and great boots is the way to go... And at the moment, I have plenty of options! I am SO in love with the current range. 

City Chic Mod Looks for Inside Chic by Boombands EM.
What do you rekon? All of these would work with tights, boots and a City Chic jacket, huh? Hmm. I LOVE planning outfits and essentially - this is a mega day/night "out with the girls"... Isn't it lovely? A great event and the challenge of what to wear? I will keep you posted!

Smooches, Em. x.

PS. If you are Stateside - Don't miss the Feline Valentine's Specials! Rowr!

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

MOD - Love Your Body by Kirsty Kovacs


Noun: An unconventionally modern style of fashionable dress originating in England in the 1960s.


1. in or characteristic of this unconventionally modern style.

2. Fashionably up-to-date, especially in style, design, or dress.

What a stylish way to start the year off! MOD is such a distinct trend, it’s so sophisticated and I looove it. The most amazing thing about this collection is how versatile the pieces are. I think it’s important to have a few items in your wardrobe that you can re-invent as the trends change. There are a lot of classic cuts and beautiful fabrics that drape well and hang nicely on a curvy figure.


Reading previous blog posts from the lovely Em & Hope and listening to you girls voice your opinions in store about seeing the fabulous clothing on a variety of body shapes has inspired me!! Working for City Chic and Freelancing in makeup artistry has given me the best of both worlds so I decided it was time to combine the two and involve a regular customer in a photo shoot featuring her Favourites from the new MOD collection.

- Behind the Scenes

Over the weekend I teamed up with Ashleigh Easthope (regular SA customer) and Beauty/Fashion Photographer Jacqueline Clare Morris (who is also a CC Shopper) J. We had previously discussed the outfits & knew we wanted to keep the images simple but stylish and a little sexy. Despite the heat (It was seriously hot in SA) we got through makeup and styling and ended up with some fabulous photos that show a gorgeous, curvy girl comfortable in her own skin.

Meet Ashleigh: A 23 year old professional who is size 22 to 24, Curvy & Confident!

The dresses! They are gorgeous!”Ashleigh on what she loves about MOD

“I don’t really have a style, but I love matching dresses with leggings. And any “punk” style hoodies”! Ashleigh on her own style

“The photo shoot was fantastic! I had great people to work with and they made the whole experience fun”!Ashleigh on her photo shoot experience

I hope you girls love the photos as much as we do, Please show your support and leave your thoughts below or congratulate Ashleigh on a fantastic job.

<3 Kirsty xxx


All clothing by City Chic

Photographer: Jacqueline Clare Morris

Makeup: Me J

Model: Asheligh Easthope

Monday, January 23, 2012

Going MOD on the Gold Coast

Hi Gorgeous ladies, just a quick post from me today. I am on Holidays this weekend at the Gold Coast for the Big Day Out Festival. I am having the time of my life! I just got back from a lovely dinner at the Casino in Broadbeach wearing my new favourite dress. My favourite from City Chic's MOD Collection the Ice Skater Dress in black (also available in Blue). I am wearing a Size M in this dress and I am absolutely in love with it! Thankfully it's quite cool on the coast today and very windy so I could wear it comfortably! I love the fit, the style, the sleeves and of course the belt! It really is the perfect 'Hope Dress'.

I am really loving the MOD collection, it would have to be my favourite collection in a while. I would love to see how you wear your favourite Mod outfit. Don't forget to upload your photos to City Chic's Facebook Page.

Have a great week ladies! I will be back soon to tell you all the goss from Big Day Out Gold Coast!

Thursday, January 19, 2012

I got the FEVER!


Don't you just love that the crazy season is over and City Chic (both in Australia and in the STATES) has loads of new, great items in stock. I saw from my last post, that a few of you got some great items in the sale - and I LOVE that. Always so exciting... but heck - NOTHING beats NEW stock! I'm LOVING all the Mod Looks and am so excited to order myself some new items tomorrow when even MORE come in...


In the sale, I got myself the Aztec Fever Top and I adore it. I've been having a super relaxed week - catching up with friends, running errands and enjoying the mild winter here in London. This top has easily fitted into my everyday look and I like how I can wear it through the day and then to the pub on a night.

You'll have seen in the last few months, to supplement my DRESS ADDICTION (ARGH)!! I've started wearing shorts and my little skirt a bit more. I'm LOVING it. Until recently it had been AGES since I'd worn a top and I am so pleased I've re-embraced them. 

Do you all go through clothing phases? My look is pretty defined by now, but I do flux between what I enjoy on a day to day basis. 

For today's post - I have paired the Aztec Fever Top with a couple of CLASSIC City Chic pieces - a simple, comfortable denim skirt and ruffled bolero top.  

Simple and Fabulous.

It's lovely when it's that easy, huh?


Monday, January 16, 2012

Hot under the collar

Peter Pan collars have exploded onto the fashion landscape thanks to celebrities such as Alexa Chung and designers like Calvin Klein, DKNY and Marc Jacobs who have all made the look their own. The cute as pie collar detail works best in black and white with minimal accessories, the collar itself is the accessory. Girly and yet lady like chic at the same time the peter pan collar is a fun trend to play with right now.

Blogger Ashley Rose gets it right with her approach, wearing a fab City Chic dress mixed with classic black opaque tights, a simple black wedge and those red details with that bag and her matching red lips and nails. You look simply stunning Ashley, don't you all agree?

How to style:
Step 1: Pick you collar'd dress. 
Step 2: Add your pop of red
Cambridge Satchel Co red satchel, the bag of the season.
Mac Russian Red lipstick, always in my make-up bag, the best red on the market I swear.
Step 3: A classic black wedge completes the look
Shop around for for a wedge that speaks to you. I always love a mary-jane strap and it works extra well with the peter pan collar dress as it keeps n step with the cute school girl feel.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Wishful Thinking...


Oh lovelies! Over the sales, I managed to get my paws on the AMAZING City Chic Plait Shoulder Tunic (sold out online) and today - with the sun shining at 8am - I couldn't resist wearing it. Hmm.

PhotobucketFoolish me! Of course, by 9am in the UK Winter - clouds had arrived and I was glad to have a coat! I must say though, this is such an amazing, comfortable dress. It is made of a luscious jersey material and I love the shoulder cutouts... There's also a sneaky keyhole in the cleavage that let my boobies have a little air. On a braver day, I might even replace my black bra with a red one! Woot WOO!

I teamed the dress with some cute CC Lace Leggings and some knee-high boots. Looking at these pictures - I can see my pale winter complexion blazing out!

I must say, I mostly wore this for myself today. I really knew this morning, that there was no way I could really get this dress "out and about" on the streets of London... What with it being freezing! But I wore it in the shops! I felt FAB and kind of lazily attractive. Does that make sense? It's one of those dresses - kind of slouchy and flowy but also effortlessly sexy.

(Meanwhile on the right, I thought I would show you my Winter Coat - S.E.X.Y!)

What about yourself? Did you get amazing things in the sales?  You can see from this shot - I headed to a jewellery store today to pick up a bargain! Sales here in the UK are just about to end...

The City Chic sales are still going strong on both the Australian and Stateside sites - as well as in-store! There are so many great prices out there and I would love to hear what you've been buying for yourself... I bet you're looking good!

Tell me! 

Smooches my darlings! I hope your 2012 is rocking along very well. 


Monday, January 9, 2012

She's a Mod yeah yeah!

The minute I saw City Chic's latest collection 'Mod' The Mint Chicks cover of  'She's a Mod' blasted in my head. Mod inspired fashion is one of my favorite styles of Fashion. I adore the plain black and white palettes, the neck lines and the gorgeous dresses. When I think about Mod icons Debbie Harry (Blondie) and Twiggy always come straight to my head, Twiggy was a front runner in the Mod scene and is now a Fashion icon. City Chic have modernized the Mod look and adapted it to suit our curvier figures. When the collection was released I noticed there were a few fans who were concerned about the lack of colour, I personally love it, I LOVE black and to me I use my all black outfits as a blank canvas and accessorize with coloured accessories or make up. These are a few of my must have Mod items so far;

Ice Skater Dress - My jaw hit the floor when I saw this dress, to say that I am in love is a major understatement. I  love the sleeves, the length, the little belt, to me it's the perfect Black Dress. It can be worn with low heeled peep toe shoes as an office dress or accessorized for the perfect night out, I would wear it with my red peep toe wedges, red nails and red lipstick and I would wear my hair out and back comb the back to give me a real Mod vibe. If you wanted to brighten up the dress you could always change the belt for a coloured one, even a thicker waist belt, add a long coloured necklace and paint your nails to match a bold lipstick. I need to make this dress mine!

Miss Graduate Jacket - This Blazer is stunning! The cut is gorgeous and I adore the white detail. I know it's hard to think about Jackets in the current heat but come Winter this would become a wardrobe staple! Extremely versatile, again it could be worn as office wear or with your favourite party dress, even as a warm cover up for your Summer Maxi dress.

Rouched Front Basic Top - Another wardrobe staple, for me this top is a must have! Currently available in three colours it's the perfect top. The 3/4 Sleeves are a great length and it can be worn with jeans, shorts, under a sleeve less dress, or with high waisted skirts, they are also thin enough to wear under layers in Winter.

I love City Chic's latest collection, there are many more items on my 'wish list' but these are my top three favourites so far.

Don't forget there are plenty of Sale items left online and in store for a limited time. My favourite item I picked up was the Fringed Kimono (a bargain for $20). Make sure you share your sale bargains as well as your own Mod looks on the facebook page.

Until next time,

Thursday, January 5, 2012

January 2012 - Your Looks! Your City Chic!

Towards the end of last year, I did a really popular post featuring some of the amazing girls from the City Chic Facebook Page... I have decided to try and do this as a semi regular feature as it will showcase lots of different women, in lots of different, FIERCE - City Chic looks... Oh yeah.

Hayley (below) posted her outfit for Christmas Day to City Chic's facebook page and it made me so excited - the sunshine, swimming pool and sunglasses are LOVELY and Hayley looks amazing!

I asked all the girls featured: 

"What do you love about City Chic..."

Here is Hayley's response:

I love that City Chic's clothes are so stylish and cater for women like me that adore their curves, and let me express myself the way I want to without being judged. I have recently purchased some lingerie that I love & of course my husband also loves & it makes me feel so sexy.

I also love that I can walk into my local store and buy anything I like, without being limited to a tiny plus sized section which usually have baggy, potato sake looking clothes or being looked at like "what are you even doing in this shop - nothing will fit you".

AND (!!) I love when City Chic has sales also - hubby doesn't exactly love this as much as me (something about a credit card being in debit all the time!)

Another reader picked up a bargain via the Stateside City Chic Site in the amazing City Chic sales... Lauren (below) is wearing the Pink Tulle Prom Dress...

And you know it, I asked Lauren - What she loves about CC!!

I adore City Chic because, every now and then, they'll come out with a piece that you have to have. The piece that will make you a talking point - that will change the tone of a whole event. Sometimes, that fashion choice can define your whole outlook on something. I love knowing how I'm going to feel wearing for a whole evening just by putting on some beautifully crafted fabric.

I totally agree with Lauren that clothing and how we feel about ourselves in that clothing can help us feel great for a whole evening! Comfortable, Confident and Sexy goes a LONG WAY!!

Finally - I got an email from Kerrie in Australia. Kerrie (below) has been in Australia for over a year, having moved across from New Zealand! Kerrie told me about hitting the Australian stores and loving CC clothes!

And of course, Kerrie told me what she loves about City Chic!

Every time I go into City Chic there are lovely ladies helping me out… I think CC makes you feel comfortable going into the store with their beautiful smiles and sexy style.

I had never worn swimwear until I found it instore one day and I tried it on. I thought it would be another piece that wouldn't be long enough and to my surprise it fitted me like a glove! When I got to the beach I walked around with such pride! Im 6ft tall and have found it hard to find things long enough, but at CC they cater to every type of body and I love that I can go in and always walk out with jeans that will touch the floor, or a top that will cover my tummy or even a maxi that falls nicely!

My favourite item would have to be my Pink "So Cute" Dress that I have worn about 100 times over! I have these in all colours and love to add accessories and belts etc etc.!

These girls are all pretty amazing and I am so pleased they've let me feature them here on the City Chic blog. They are also from all over and this post helps emphasise how many of you girls are loving CC. I adore the different looks here - as well as the different use of accessories and personal flair. 

Happy New Year everyone! I can not wait to really get my teeth into 2012!

Smooch - Em. x.