Skyfall Blue!


Hello Beautiful Ladies!

I hope you are all absolutely WONDERFUL!

Following on from my film theme the other week, I thought I would share with you what I wore to see the latest BOND film at the weekend. I went with my partner and his mum here in the UK and the cinema was packed! It was kind of wonderful to be honest - families, young people, adults - all mixed in for the excitement of a new BOND!

For me right now, "nights out" are hard to come by due to the MEGA hours I am working on my latest job - so for me - when I go out - I want to feel comfortable, look great and ooze style. I think this Skater Dress from City Chic is a perfect style of dress.


I love the two tone colour, slight drape in the skirt, bust outline and the room for my belly! Seriously. This dress is form fitting, without being Body Con and I really like that. I am relatively new to Skater Dresses and this one is a BANGING choice!

As to the film - well, you'll have to wait and see. What I can say is if you go (hello to all you Bond fans!) enjoy yourself some Daniel Craig time!!

Meanwhile - how AMAZING is Adele's new Bond Theme? They are playing it NON STOP on the radio here right now and literally every morning when I drive to work - I get to sing along. I am a BIG fan and think the song is a great addition to the Bondiverse.

And this dress? Well this dress is a great addition to my wardrobe! Seriously Ladies, I love it - and feel SO pleased I decided to buy into the whole Skater Style trend. This look makes me feel AMAZING.

If you do want to give City Chic Skater styles a bash - head HERE for the Australian site - or HERE for the American site... As someone who came to the Skater trend quite late - this is certainly a look worth grabbing!

In any case - big loves Ladies!

Em. x.


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