Curvy Aussie girls in the media

Last Friday I got an unexpected call from Channel 9 News reporter Lizzie Pearl who was doing a story on chain stores in Australia not catering to plus sized women. She wanted to interview me about my experiences shopping and how it is impossible to find things that fit my size 16-18 frame. I was just sitting at home cleaning my house when she rang so I stopped what I was doing and the film crew picked me up and took me shopping in the city to try and find clothes at the major chains in Pitt Street Mall, which was an unexpected yet fun turn of events, certainly beat vacuuming! Of course we found nothing that could remotely fit me, in fact in one particular chain we only found 3 size XL garments in the whole store, which shocked petite Lizzie as she thought she had it hard shopping with her height, and I'm not even an XL as what we did find didn't fit me. Without stores like City Chic there just is no where to shop as I'm sure most of you know, and yes it does get depressing, especially if you love fashion as much as I do. That is why I love City Chic so much, it allows me to express myself and dress how I want as it not only fits me but is also fashion forward and youthful. In the above photo I'm wearing an old favourite City Chic pencil skirt which has seen me through many a fashion moment.

photo by Ashley Rose on Instagram
Here I am watching myself on the 6pm Channel 9 News on the big screen TV in the luxurious PSFWA (Plus Size Fashion Weekend Australia, more about that asap) penthouse apartment. They showed me shopping in the mall and what pieces I did find in size XL and then we filmed another short interview back at the Channel 9 studios (I mentioned City Chic but it was cut) where they also filmed me not fitting into the pieces I bought which a few years ago would have embarrassed me a great deal. I mean I spent my teen years dreading and feeling shame every time I didn't fit into a garment I was trying on in a shop, often ending up in tears, but now I'm going on national TV putting on a jacket and showing how my fat arms don't fit in it and how the buttons wont do up!!! A lot has changed and I thank the fatshion blogosphere for helping me overcome those feelings and now I am proud to stand up and hopefully make a change for other women and to also ask the fashion world why our money isn't good enough? Why they don't make clothes for us? Luckily we have City Chic though, we didn't have them when I was a teen and oh how I wish we did!

Teer Wayde is Cleo Magazine's Body Confidence Role Model. Photo from Teer Wayde's facebook page.

Another curvy Aussie babe in the media this week is plus size model and Curves to Kill blogger Teer Wayde from Melbourne. Teer appears as Cleo Magazine's first ever female centrefold and body confidence role model. I've known Teer for years and have even worked with her on a photoshoot a few years ago and I love her personal rockabilly style. I'm just so proud of her for not only staying true to herself but for also have the confidence to pose nude in a magazine read by the hundreds of thousands. Its one thing to do it clothed, its a whole other ball game to do it naked and it takes guts. I admire her for it and yes looking at her beautiful curves, rolls and tattoos I am starting to feel more confident about my own curves, rolls and am even considering getting some tattoos, yes having some serious tattoo envy right now.

Beautiful Teer Wayde nude in this months Cleo Magazine. Photo from Teer Wayde's facebook page.


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