A City Girl in Nature


At the moment, in London - Winter is well and truly on it's way. The fact that it's actually Autumn - seems lost considering the temperature drop and rain we've been having... But, NOT last weekend. Last weekend, the sun was out and although it was cold, it was BEAUTIFUL. My boyfriend and I took the opportunity and headed to The Ridges in Berkshire.


I grew up in Adelaide across from an Arboretum and I used to LOVE spending long days there and constantly took time to walk through the park. Here in London - what with all the cement, and monuments and Royals everywhere, it can be quite hard to get a break in Nature - the City Parks are lovely - but always PACKED. The Ridges were quiet and tranquil and JUST what I needed after a long working week.


Now. Let's face it - I'm a City Girl at heart, but I LOVE being in nature too. I didn't quite dress for Nature on the weekend - but I did dress for me - and so, I was probably the coolest girl at The Ridges in my City Chic tights, shorts and top. I also rocked an Old Leather Jacket too. I fit right into things...


Ha Ha! The fact is - I felt great and it was a great weekend. There's nothing quite like taking some time out to look cool and get amongst nature. I hope you all have BEAUTIFUL weekends. x.

Em. x.

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