Cleo Magazine - Plus-Size Style Stars

I have some very exciting news to share with you, I feature in a cover story in this months Cleo magazine Australia (the September issue). See where it says 'Big Girl Blogs, meet the new Plus-Size Style Star's'? Well I'm one of them, along with fellow Aussie Bronny from Fat-Aus and fashionable New Yorker Nicolette from Nicolette Mason who I had the pleasure of meeting at the YFF conference in I attended in New York a few years ago with the City Chic team.

Cleo interviewed me a few months back, so I have been eagerly awaiting the release of the issue for a while now. It was very exciting to see it was a cover feature, and then extra amazing to open to page 68 and see the article in all its hot pink graphics glory, which matched my main outfit photo in which I'm wearing my favourite City Chic piece to date, the pink sheer shirt dress I wore to Melbourne Fashion Week as seen in this post. The article itself is really positive, reinforcing everything I write about on this blog and my personal blog about how plus size women can be just as stylish as their straight sized counterparts and how the fatshion blogosphere is really helping women gain confidence in their bodies and what they wear.

I'm really excited about the magazine (if you can't already tell) Have you picked up your copy yet?


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