Trademark UK Hotness...


So ladies. Things are REALLY ramping up here in the UK right now. EVERYTHING is "Olympics this" and "Olympics that..." It's exciting, but also monotonous. It looks like the torch will be heading past my work next Thursday, and then like many people, around the world - I'll sit and watch the Opening Ceremony in awe on friday night. I actually know heaps of people who worked on the show, so I desperately hope (for them) that it goes really well.

I am hoping, also, that here in London - Mother Nature figures out what she plans to do weather wise. I just read it's been the hottest July in AGES down in Syndey... Well, hopefully the UK can get some delicious heat for the games. It's just muggy right now and it's gross!

My outfit this week is kind of classic - a skin hugging top, with skinny jeans and my trademark hotness (HA! Hotness because of the humidity, perhaps). It's a different look for me, but it's in keeping with the challenges that some of you Ladies have put to me this year. I'm in the City Chic Rainbow Tiger Top (still available in the States) and could only get it a size smaller than usual when I ordered. What do you think? I usually get a Medium in tops, but I think the nature of this top allows for the smaller size? Maybe, maybe not? Let me know your thoughts. 

I'm also in a pair of Classic CC Skinnys and a Cardi. Cardis are my staple!

Purr says the Tiger...

In any case ladies - if you want some tight skin huggers, why not try HERE if you're in Australia (OMG the LACE Cami!!) or HERE if you're in the States. And for Jeans, try here (AUS) and here (USA).

Meanwhile - are you going to be watching the Olympics? I can't wait for late night table tennis (seriously, so competitive) and perhaps a little diving... The diving kind of scares me - but I find it thrilling to watch. 

Big Loves until next time, Ladies!

Em. x.


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