Time for a change

I received a Text message the other night from my fellow curvy friend Mel. The message really struck a chord with me and really got me thinking about some things:

I had to think for awhile about my answer, surely I had worn a purely colourful outfit before? No, I have NEVER worn all colour by choice. The last time I wore an outfit that didn't feature anything black was when I graduated High School in 2006, my School uniform consisted of a bottle green skirt and a white blouse with green stripes. Mel's message really made me think about my style and why I wear what I wear, why I have never fully embraced colour. I always thought it was because I consider my style to be very 'Rock Chick' so of course it would consist of mostly black pieces, I work in the Music Industry and most of my social events consist of Festivals and Gigs where wearing predominantly black outfits feels like the uniform. I think deep down I've never truly embraced colour because I always thought it would make me look bigger, I know that with the right outfit though it will flatter my body not make me look worse. 

I always set goals or missions for myself, little 'challenges' that keep me focused and excite me once I complete them. My new goal I have given myself is to go out in an outfit with absolutely no black. I am a little scared but I have been glued to the new arrivals on City Chic's website and I think I have found a few great choices. This is where you come in though, I need your advice, which of these outfits should a 'first time colour wearer' choose to wear? Leave a comment below and let me know your thoughts.

The Kiss Me Skater is a good dress to start with, I am obsessed with Skater dresses and they really flatter my body. Maybe I could be sneaky and add a black bolero for the comfort factor? (No Hope, this outfit will be purely colour).

I really like the Lacey Red Wine Dress I love the dark colour and I think I would be very comfortable wearing this. It reminds me of a 'goth rock' style dress.

Ok, so I know this may be slightly cheating because there is some black in these dresses but after reading Hayley and Em's posts about Horizontal stripes and how much they can flatter curvy figures, I am itching to try the trend. I think the Stripe Bust Skater Dresses are gorgeous.

Which dress do you like best?

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