An Unexpected Encounter.


I had a whole different blog post ready to write up... But well - I've been royally distracted and luckily - while being distracted I was wearing some City Chic... You've seen a similar outfit before, but here you can see me rocking my FAVOURITE City Chic top and my staple bolero.

I was at work yesterday. I am helping the Tim Burton film Frankenweenie to finish, which is both exciting and wonderful. I worked on the show last year and it's been really cool to be called back to see how it's finishing up. The studio for the film is basd right by the London Olympic Stadium and so, lots of the Opening Ceremony preparations are happening here too. Earlier this week, I saw the Creative Director, Danny Boyle (who also directed Trainspotting and Slum Dog Millionaire), when he held a door open for me.

Yesterday though? WELL! Right off the back of my Jubilee Weekend post last week - I give you - Charles and Camilla! No kidding, they came to the studio to visit the Olympic Organisers and I was right up the front as they arrived! I wasn't rocking any royal blue - but heck, I was totally rocking.


Camilla waved at me, while I gawked at them and took photos. I was even in the background on the BBC News last night as they arrived.


It's a strange life for us City Chic girls sometimes, huh?

Loves. x.

PS - Whether you're a Stateside City Chic babe or based in Australia - remember to publish your photos in your favourite City Chic gear to the CC Facebook Page - I like to pop them on this blog every couple of months - so get to it!


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