Lady Gaga

You may remember an 'inspired by' post I wrote about Lady Gaga from March last year. If you read the post you'd know that I have a huge love for Lady Gaga and the messages she sends out. After waiting for what felt like years (in reality it was only four months since the show was announced) I finally got to see Mother Monster perform again in Brisbane last week.

The Born This Way Ball Tour is Lady Gaga's biggest world tour to date, as you can see from my photos the stage set up and costumes were out of this world. I can't begin to find the words to try and tell you how much I loved the Concert, it was breathtaking and I would go again in a heartbeat! Mother Monster still has a few more tour dates left in Australia so I don't want to give too much away but I will go as far as saying it has been my favourite Concert I have EVER attended.

I LOVE Lady Gaga because I love what she stands for; equality, acceptance, love, anti-bullying and self love. Just before her hit song 'Hair' Gaga gave a speech that actually made me cry, speaking about her teenage years and how she was bullied, and how we all need to band together and not be afraid of life and being different, and live for people who aren't strong enough. Her words really struck a chord with me, as a plus sized girl my whole life, I used to be all too familiar with having no self love, and wanting to hide away and be too scared to truly embrace life. Two things have helped me change though; Music and Fashion. Hearing Gaga's speech reminded me of how I used to feel before I discovered my loves and before I broadened my comfort zone. I wrote a little about the 'old Hope' in this post . Finding Music and Musicians I can relate to (Lady Gaga, Lily Allen, Beth Ditto) and loving City Chic's fashion and blogging for City Chic has really changed me, it has allowed me to embrace my inner Gaga and to really learn to love myself both inside and out, I guess you could say City Chic is my Lady Gaga of Fashion and has inspired me to find confidence and try new things.

As part of her concert set up Lady Gaga had a special part of the Arena floor called 'The Monster Pit'. This area was directly in front of the stage in a circle and had her 'cat walk' wrapped around it. The Monster Pit was reserved for her Little Monsters (fans) that arrived at the venue early and who were dressed for the 'Ball'. When I found out about The Monster Pit I knew I had to get in, so I began my search for the perfect Gaga outfit. My Gaga outfit wouldn't have been complete without my trusty City Chic leggings, they made me so comfortable while I had to sit through the 5 hour wait in line for The Monster Pit and allowed me to jump around like a crazy person during the show. My CC leggings are a wardrobe staple and instantly make me feel comfortable, confident and happy. I think my quirky outfit really paid off as well, I got into The Monster Pit and during 'Born This Way' locked eyes with Lady Gaga who pointed at my friend and I, it's a moment I'll never forget. A really exciting thing happened to me while I was waiting in line, I got picked out of the crowd by an American filming group and interviewed for a new TV Show that will air on E! as soon as I find out the details I will let you all know about it.

I have a few more Concerts in my Calendar and can't wait to tell you all about them and of course show off my City Chic Concert gear!

What City Chic item will you wear to your next Concert?


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