It was a LONG Bank Holiday!

Jubilee Biscuits from Mari's Blog!

I've not had much cause for dressing up this last week. The weather was HOT and then very cold and RAINY! There was something special happening though in the UK and we just had a FOUR day Bank Holiday weekend...

I am sure you've all seen the pictures of the Queen's Diamond Jubilee. It was AMAZING to be in the UK for such a momentous celebration... Personally, I lean towards becoming a Republic in Australia, but here in the UK - there IS something special about the Royals. In fact, even though the Royals don't actually have much effectual power over here, they do have the ability to inspire the nation and warm the hearts of many a Briton. The UK needs that kind of warmth right now and a joyous event like the Jubilee is a wonderful way to inspire the nation. It's actually been quite magic being here and I wore some ear candy to celebrate!

For my LONG WEEKEND celebrations, I bashed around London a bit, watched a lot of coverage on my TV, but also had to work for two of the four days (ARGH!!).

Still, I did manage to get to a night time "it's an awesome Long Weekend" party. Oh yes.


As you may have seen on the TV, it rained all weekend, so I needed coverage and warmth. I wore my sexy, striped Asymmetrical Tunic by City Chic. When I got this tunic, I was really unsure about how to wear it so I went back to basics. I treated the tunic as a dress and due to its asymmetry, I hitched up one side higher on my hip and let the dress find it's own position on my body. The top has a lot of movement with room in the sleeves and body, and while I wasn't sure about the stripes and baggier nature of the top - to be honest - I got a bucket load of compliments in this. I like the sexy drape and neckline and had a guy practically salivate as he asked me out. I already have my own English Mr. Darcy, so I turned him down. To be honest, even if I'd been single, he was far too Daniel Cleaver for me, anyway!



I really like it. I think I'll wear it a lot! How do you feel about stripes? I'm loving them and this tunic has only gone further in seducing me!

To check out CC Stripes in the States - head here! And, for all you Aussie based buyers - check out your strips on the newly glammed up City Chic site HERE!!

Big loves Ladies.



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