My Melbourne Adventure

Melbourne was a huge eye opener for me, I'm from Brisbane and live about ten minutes from the CBD so I'm no stranger to a busy Capital City, but Melbourne was a whole new level. The Fashion and Music capital of Australia, there was so much to do and so little time to do it. I also injured my feet on the first night of my trip so I was very limited with what I could do. Lucky for me I had my City Chic pyjama pants packed so it made sitting in the hotel room a little better. Being a Queenslander I'm not familiar with the type of cold Melbourne has so I was freezing! All of my beautiful City Chic dresses were covered with a heavy CC coat that my mum picked up during last years sales. At least I was fashionably warm!

City Chic Jacket Circa 2011
City Chic Leggings

The Laneways in Melbourne amazed me, they were so full of life. The streets were filled with Laneways which led to other main streets which contained even more Laneways. I felt like I needed a few more days to further explore the City and surrounding suburbs.

I managed to check out the City Chic Bourke St store and was very impressed with the girls who work there (they were lovely), and of course the Sale racks! So many bargains.

I plan on heading back to Melbourne in a few months time, hopefully when it's warmer. It really is such a beautiful City. I felt right at home in my City Chic attire! In fact while waiting for a Tram one morning I saw a smaller girl wearing a dress exactly the same as the Black Ice Skater Dress which I just so happened to also be wearing haha.

Just a reminder, don't forget City Chic are currently having a huge sale instore and online there is so much to choose from!

What have you bought from the current City Chic sale?


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