May 2012 - Your Looks, Your City Chic.

Stacey & friend in City Chic for the races!

First up in our latest series of Your Looks, Your City Chic, we have Stacey, who is well known through the City Chic Facebook Community. She bumped into a fellow CC fan at the races earlier this year and they had to grab a snap. Stacey says, "I love CC, knowing that I am going to walk out feeling and looking fantastic."

She does look fantastic too, huh? I especially love the red and black headband teamed with the Red Bow Dress. VERY sultry & sophisticated race day wear, indeed! Stacey is one of my online faves and regularly uploads pics to the FB page - including change room shots, which I love as they're so "in the moment". Totally hot!

Liz is looking stunning in these editorial style shots with makeup by Lana Elguera and picture by JStemmer Photography. Liz is from the States and looks really gorgeous in her Kimono Floral Tunic! Liz told me, "I love City Chic because the clothing line is unique and always stays with the latest fashion making the average American women look fashionable and always in style for any occasion."

Oh yeah. CC makes loads of women stylish for any occasion, that's for sure! Liz uploads photos to the CC page pretty often and is certainly worth looking for on the page! Her style is sophisticated and playful. I love it!

Екатерина is from Russia! When I asked her why she loves City Chic - I got a really enthused reply, it made me excited actually! She told me, "I live in Russia and we do not have such gorgeous clothes. When I saw the City Chic clothes I fell in love! So hot, so pretty, so sexy and this was all because of clothes by City Chic! My friend who lives in the USA buys clothing for me and sent it to Russia. Now the streets of our city look at me with admiration, thank you City Chic!"

I LOVE that last sentence, "The streets of our city look at me with admiration!"... What an amazing, empowering sentence. I feel proud to be associated with a brand who can make someone feel that amazing!

Whoa. Meet Melissa. Talk about looking great and working the Contrast Bow Front Cardi (still available in the United States). Melissa looks amazing in these shots and has a blog, Style Is Eternal, where she regularly shows off her gorgeous fashion choices. What a great shot to share.

Last up today we have Simone. This image really struck me and is from a tour Simon is doing called I Sing Like I Feel! A tribute to Ella Fitzgerald! The grace and elegance in this shot took my breath away. Something else I loved - when I asked Simone why she loves CC - there was no stopping her:

"City Chic clothes are AMAZING! The sexy statement pieces in particular always draw attention from friends and strangers alike. Whether it’s a shimmering off-the-shoulder number or a slinky dress, people seem genuinely surprised to find a larger woman attractive. And I absolutely LOVE setting an example for any girl who thinks she’s too big to be beautiful. But I have to say that the staff at my regular store (Westfield, Marion) have been an absolute inspiration to me from the very first day I set foot in there. I used to be quite self-conscious, until I met the gorgeous girls in City Chic, confidently wearing their sleeveless tops, tight jeans and low neck lines. They were all smart, sassy women who were proud of their curves, and they showed me that sexy comes from within. 

I took a leaf from their book very early on and have worn my CC clothes with much swagger ever since!"

There is something really cool about logging on to the City Chic facebook page and browsing through the shots of awesome women all wearing CC Clothes. If you upload your photo to the page or even tag CC in a photo - I might come looking for YOU to get involved here on the CC blog. I think one thing from posts like this is clear - there are many women, all over the world, wearing and loving City Chic clothes... so come on, Ladies! Show us what you've got!



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