I met Lady Gaga's Stylist in Tokyo!!!

As the title of this post suggests I'm currently in Tokyo, a place that I'm sure most of you know was once home for me that I try to get back to at least once a year. The reason I try and get back as often as possible is amazing things just happen in Tokyo that don't happen anywhere else, like meeting Lady Gaga's stylist on day one of this trip. How freaking amazing is that? I have loved Nicola Formichetti's work for a long time, before he became Lady Gaga's stylist. He started out working at Dazed and Confused magazine in London and went on to style Uniqlo ad campaigns, became the mens fashion editor at Vogue Hommes Japan and he is now currently the Creative Director at Mugler, overseeing the labels resurrection. Of course he is most well known for his work with Lady Gaga, from the meat dress to the Bad Romance film clip he is the man behind it all, and here I am in Harajuku as excited as can be meeting my absolute idol. What kinda makes it an even crazier story for me is Nicola actually emailed me a few weeks ago asking about the Australian fashion industry, yes that's right folks, Nicola Formichetti knows who I am...lets all FREAK OUT right now, I sure did when I got that email.

Have you ever met someone famous? Tell me the story in the comments below.


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