Collar'd at Fashionopolis

City Chic Tripple Collar Tunic $69.95 AUD
 I was flown down to Melbourne to attend the inaugural fashion blogger conference, Fashionopolis, hosted by Nuffnang. Respected fashion industry identities such as stylist Philip Boom, journalist Patty Huntington, fashion buyer Sarah Gale, designer Jenny Bannister and blogger Lady Melbourne all spoke and gave advice during the day. Excitingly I came up in the discussions twice, once for being a blogger of strong convictions (my stance on wearing leather or fur as a vegetarian for 18 years now I just can't do it, fake is ok though) and once as being the most well known plus sized blogger in Australia, which is a great honour. I was of course representing the best plus sized store in the country too, in my fab new City Chic Tripple Collar Tunic that I customised with some collar tips from ebay.

You can see the collar tips more clearly now. They are a great way to individualise an outfit, I got compliments on them all day.

While in Melbourne I picked up the blue faux fur tail at a designer warehouse sale, which again individualises my bag, making my look more my own. My jewellery is all by local Australian designers.

I'm obsessed with these floral Doc Martens I was given. They are not only cute but also super duper comfortable too. Of course I wore my trademark frilly socks with them and as it was super cold in Melbourne I also wore some leggings.

All photos of me by Dannimezza.


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