Big Girl in a Skinny World - youtube series

I just discovered this great youtube series Big Girl in a Skinny World, made for us fashion loving plus size gals and produced by Marie Claire magazine in the USA. The series is hosted by style expert Marcy Guevara and will feature Inside City Chic's good friend and Marie Claire USA plus size columnist Nicolette Mason who will be answering viewers style questions and giving her tips on all the latest in the plus sized fashion world. Its a great series with nine videos so far with topics ranging from the ultimate wardrobe essentials to what to wear on a first date. I suggest making an afternoon of it, sit down, relax and get cosy whilst the lovely hosts inspire you and your style. Remember if you have any style questions I'm always here to help, just ask in the comments below and enjoy the series, I know I have.

P.S. I got sick and missed all but day 1 of fashion week but I will update you later this week on the trends I saw from the comfort of my lounge room, which isn't half as glamorous as attending the shows themselves but it was the best I could do.


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