Sunshine at the Snow!

Hello Lovelies and Happy Easter!

The Easter weekend in Europe is amazing. It's a time where Snow Bunnies (like myself) make a final dash to the mountains, in the hope of securing some final wintry fun! It is PACKED at the snow over an Easter weekend, so this year? HA! I went a week early, so I could enjoy myself without the crowds! 

Snow Outfit from UK store Mountain Warehouse.

It couldn't have been more perfect, actually - as it meant I was there through a SUN SHINY time! Yup! I didn't plan it - but Europe last week, experienced unseasonal heat and so in the village I stayed in - it was about 20 degrees during the day - while up the mountain, it was 5 or 6 degrees. That's high enough for it to feel warmish on the mountain, but still play in snow! YES!! SO MUCH FUN!

This is where I ate lunch!

I was totally unprepared for just how warm it got in the village during the day and had VERY limited shirts available... Luckily though? I had my CC Jeans to hand (have you noticed I have EMBRACED denim??).

I usually wear my jeans long, but had to cuff them to ensure they didn't hit any snow. 

My tee is from a UK blog (Trapped in a Skinny World) and was the only short sleeved (non thermal) piece I took on holiday! It got a LOT of use! 

Now, for me, taking my jeans away was an excellent way for me to get really accustomed to them. Intuitively, jeans aren't what I reach for in the morning - so in taking them away - and NOTHING else (well, no skirts or dresses) I had to pop them on a lot. I liked it! A week in ski pants and jeans! Talk about conditioning myself BACK into pant wear! I am still wearing the high waisted jeans, but might try lower slung ones soon too... I must say, I do like how these babies work over my hip. I'm like a roundy, curvy little thing, huh! Size 18 jeans, by the way!

Now Ladies. EASTER! I hope you've all seen that on both the City Chic Australia Site and City Chic Stateside Site there is 30% off full priced fashion* and this offer ends on SUNDAY. GET THERE!!

Big Hugs Ladies! Have Happy Easters! 


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