A little too sweet? A little much edge?

Boombands Em with Black City Chic Dress.

You know what I love about City Chic? So many of the dresses are flirty and girly - but also - can be worn as part of a more serious life too! When I saw the Anna Lace Dress come online - I knew I had to have it. It has a great shape, pseudo cross-over at the front and lovely, flirty, little sleeves with contrasting strap work on each shoulder. The sleeves are key for me here, actually. Like many CC girls, I enjoy spaghetti straps working with boleros but I find this dress great, because it allows for subtle coverage which also looks really graceful. These sleeves aren't heavy - but offer a cute piece of coverage which I kind of like.

Boombands Em with Black City Chic Dress.

For a work meeting recently, I teamed it with a skinny belt (in black, although I rekon something like lilac would also be really cute here) and Mimco headband. Looking at the pictures - I'm not 100% sold on the headband working well this dress and my choice of footwear (my BELOVED boots), but I wore it on the day and felt pretty great! I wonder now though if my head is a little "sweet" for my footwear edge? Or! Ha! Maybe my hair is a little neat - like, the headband WORKS - but my hair is WAY too straight... MAYBE! Something isn't quite right though. What do you rekon? Should I have lost the headband and gone towards my usual style of femme with a bit of edge? Or, should I have stuck with heels and worked a sweeter feminine vibe? 

Boombands Em with Black City Chic Dress.

I think the dress has a delicious shape and is a nice break from the normal LBDs out there. This has a nice difference too thanks to the pleating. I think LBDs can sometimes get a bit samey, so I like where designs are glammed up a bit. 

Another gorgeous dress on the CC site that I'm completely crushing on right now is the Glamour Puss Dress.

This looks like a really gorgeous, feminine LBD - ready for work OR play. My favourite thing about it is the shape, followed by the DETAILS! Check out the bead and sequin embellishments! It's like an easy way to get ready because the dress does so much of the work for you. I can imagine this working with my beloved leather boots too - which for me, makes this a banging LBD option.


Em. x.


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