Celebrity Style File - Kardashians!

Happy Easter girls :) I hope your weekend is fabulous and the Easter Bunny is good to you :). I'm lucky enough to be house sitting over this Easter break so it's the perfect time for me to relax, read some gossip magazines, surf the internet and catch up on some Foxtel. Ooh and indulge in Easter Goodies of course hehe :). 

So as i'm consuming my self with all things celebrity lol, i was excited to see just how many trends worn by the Kardashian's are currently available to us at City Chic. Weather you like them or not it's hard to deny their awesome fashion style. 

Wear it with jeans or a skirt, either way it's super sweet.

I'm sure you have all seen the recent Skater Dress displays in store! I'm absolutely in love with the cut of these dresses, I have never wanted to own an item in every colour as badly as this :)

When i saw the Ski Bunny jacket in stores i knew i had to have it for winter! It's a perfect fit and the white trimming is so cute! 

Check out mama K-Dash in all her hotness! 

So there you have it! Celebrity style available at your local City Chic store :) - Who's style would you like to see featured? Leave your suggestions below and i'll pick one for my next Celebrity style file.


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