Summer Festival Recap

Summer is officially over and on Saturday I said my farewells to the last Festival on my calendar for now. We aren't even halfway through the year and I have already seen some of the worlds most well known bands. Here is my Summer Festival recap:


BDO is by far my most favourite Festival, I love the variety of bands, the venue, and the whole atmosphere. January marked my 10th Big Day Out in a row and this year was as good as any other. My highlight of the day was Foster The People (pictured) they are my new favourite band and just quietly I am crushing hardcore on the singer! FTP put on an amazing  show and had the crowd moving non-stop. My highlight was their near ten minute long remix of their hit single 'Pumped Up Kicks' the ground was almost shaking from the packed Green Stage dancing their hearts out! Headliner Kanye West was pretty disappointing for me, he was a descent performer but he seemed to lack the enthusiasm that most headlining acts have. Big Day Out is always the biggest day of the year for me (no pun intended) and I got back to the Hotel completely wrecked but completely satisfied, it always leaves me counting down the days until it's back. I also managed to catch fantastic sets from;  The Getaway Plan, Kimbra, Das Racist, Faker, My Chemical Romance, Kasabian, and Drapht.


Metal and Hard Rock aren't my favourite music genres but I am a big believer in experiencing all types of music and Festivals. When I was offered freebies to Soundwave I jumped at the chance to attend. We were running late and arrived just as Limp Bizkit (pictured) started, they aren't my type of band but it was great to see them play and they had the crowd in a frenzy! I never realized how many songs of theirs I knew, My highlight was 'My Generation'. We then attempted to find our way out of the main arena to catch a glimpse of Gossip Girls Taylor Momsen's band The Pretty Reckless, unfortunately in a sell out crowd and pouring rain this proved impossible. This just meant we had prime positions for Marilyn Manson who put on an interesting show to say the least. I have heard mixed reviews about his Australian performances this year and the reasons behind his below average set and while his Soundwave show was enjoyable, I just felt that someone who has been around as long as he has should have a much slicker performance. His set was still packed with his hits and he played my favourite song of his; 'Mobscene' which kept me happy. Slipknot were up next, they really aren't my type of band but as musicians and performers they are amazing and extremely polished. I loved their flying, rotating drum kit. System Of A Down finished the day with a fantastic set full of their hits. My highlight: 'Toxicity'. All in all while the bands at Soundwave weren't my favourites it was still a great experience and I had a fun day. It was a big step out of my comfort zone but one I am so happy I did!


The last Festival on my calendar was Saturday's Future Music Festival. Future is the complete opposite to Soundwave's Heavy Metal/Rock line up, much to my joy a number of my favourite acts were on the line-up. I arrived as Skrillex was heating up the mainstage.  Dubstep isn't a genre I am fond of but the hype surrounding Skrillex made me keen to catch a glimpse, the crowd were going crazy but it wasn't my type of music so we made a hasty exit to Stage 2 where we found Ruby Rose getting the party started. She played a mixture of tracks from Foster The People to Gotye to Guns N Roses. Friendly Fires were up next and were full of energy and style, they are a band worth watching for the singers dance moves alone! Entertaining, Bizarre, Hilarious, are just some of the words I would use to describe Die Antwoord (pictured) if you haven't yet heard of them I recommend searching for them on Youtube, they are crazy but so much fun and if anything will give you a laugh. I loved their set and left their tent dripping in sweat but extremely satisfied. The Rapture were next on Stage 2 and I decided I needed a rest and seeked refuge in the V.I.P grandstand. The Rapture are a band I have wanted to see for years but have always missed them at Festivals. I loved every minute of their set and my highlight was 'Echoes' which is the theme song to one of my favourite shows; Misfits. The Wombats are one of my all time favourite bands and had a huge crowd! I first saw this 3 piece from Liverpool play at a tiny venue called 'The Zoo' in Brisbane to about 300 people 5 years ago and it is amazing to see how far they have come. My highlights; 'Techno Fan', 'Kill The Director' and, 'Let's Dance to Joy Division'. The crowd began to disappear after The Wombats which was a little disappointing considering New Order were up next and to me they are a band that you in many ways just have to see. New Order were very polished and entertaining, unfortunately it began to pour down rain so we opted to leave and get a Cab before hearing 'Blue Monday'.

The one thing that all three Festivals had in common was the weather. It poured rain for all three of them. I decided to not deck myself out in my City Chic finest with fear of ruining my favourite clothes but the one clothing item that saved me at every Festival was my City Chic Full Length Leggings. I am a dresses and Tunics kind of girl so Leggings are my saviour, they are perfect for Festivals when it's too hot to wear Jeans but you don't want to flash everyone when you're wearing a dress. If the plain full length leggings aren't your favourite never fear, City Chic have a few more options for you;

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