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Boombands Em wears City Chic Spot Cardi, Bubble Hem Cami and Jeans!

In all honesty, I'm not one of those people who grabs an idea and then forsakes all other ideas... but this month - I've kind of gone Jeans Crazy... Maybe I thought, well - if I'm gonna try it, I'm REALLY gonna try it. Because certainly, that seems to be what's happened!

Helena Christensen Boombands Em.
I posted a picture to the City Chic Facebook Wall this week - Helena Christensen and I (Lingerie launch in Central London. Free Champagne. Canapés. Fabulous)... And there I am, in the City Chic Lovebird Top and jeans - just like in my last post.

Ladies, honestly? I've gone crazy with my jeans. Right now I'm wearing a lot of the same looks over and over. I'm rarely a creature of habit - I really like to change things about fashion-wise - but at the moment, with down time from work, I'm enjoying popping on the same kinds of clothes each day and feeling comfortable and content. Also, as jeans are so new for me, I WANT to get to a stage where they feel comfortable and easy, everyday!

It's working!

So this weekend I spent time at my Mr. Darcy's family home. I'm quite a welcome member of the family, by now (yay!) and I always like to look nice but also FEEL really cosy.

Boombands Em wears City Chic Spot Cardi, Bubble Hem Cami and Jeans!

On Sunday, I wore City Chic's Zip Me Skinnys, with my Bubble Hem Cami and Spot Cardigan... I was gobsmacked by how quickly the cardi sold out, and am SO pleased I got one in time. Talk about cute! I love that it's actually SUCH a basic - but because of the colour and spot, interesting and pretty!

Boombands Em wears City Chic Spot Cardi, Bubble Hem Cami and Jeans!

I have to say also that I'm OBSESSED with the Bubble Hem Cami. If you haven't tried it yet - it's my big RECOMMEND for the week. It's cosy and lush, but also really pretty. The drape, which comes from the neckline, is amazing - it gives you a subtle shape, but also - BECAUSE of that drape, it's also a little over-sized in feel and look. I wear plenty of clothes that stick to my curves, so when I find something that makes me feel good - but also has room all through it, I'm bound to fall in love.

Ack. I'm loving most of the recent releases at the moment. SO much good stuff. I might get this outrageously sexy Spot Lace Top and maybe some Black Jeans next. Then I'm good right? Light Denim, Dark Denim, Black Denim? All bases covered? Not bad considering, I barely even wore denim a month ago!

I'm missing Australia at the moment and LOVE that City Chic is now such an international brand. I hope all you girls - all over the world, are wearing clothes and feeling gorgeous.

Loves - Em. x.

PS - For those of you loving Denim or Strappy Tops in North America - head to your local site. xxx.


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