Hey Gorgeous, Why So Blue?

Dear City Chic Lace Dancer Dress,

I have been waiting. In London, all through Winter, I've seen GORGEOUS looking lace dresses release on the high street and online. I tried some. NONE of them looked good, made me feel beautiful or even fit very well. I was sad. :(

Then you came along:

See how happy you made me? Oh yes. City Chic Lace Dancer Dress, you've won my heart. 

Your soft lace overlay feels beautiful on my skin and your lining is lovely and discreet. I feel feminine and pretty and love how well you fit. You're a little bit stretchy and your attached belt loops let me add a new belt easily. I had to - I needed a little gold buckle to match my vintage handbag.

It's still a little cold here in London, so I paired you with boots and tights. Sigh...

Gorgeous blue, Lace Dancer Dress, your colour is divine and doesn't need anything else to really look beautiful! I used a little pink as my "offset" colour, wearing bright lipstick and a flowery clip - but you're just beautiful, so I didn't need much! You made looking pretty and FEELING pretty - so easy. I adore you.

So thank you, dear City Chic Lace Dancer Dress. I wore you out for a date with my boyfriend and we wowed him - effortlessly. I know Fashion Hayley loves you too - it's because you're beautiful.



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