City Chic just made me swoon!

Every week, just like all of you - I jump online to see what's happening next with the latest release of  City Chic's fashions. I don't get advance warning - so just like you - I'm keen for those friday uploads to CC's Facebook!

This week - there were FOUR looks that really stood out for me and reminded me of great styling and fantastic colour combinations. 


I mean - BOOM! What great pieces, what amazing styling and what fantastic colour combinations. It is so simple to say red goes with black - but seeing this styling on the site was like a massive reminder about just how much red can make an outfit POP. I think ANY of us CC girls could rock BOTH of the above looks and I hope some of you upload images to Facebook, so I can see you in them!


So! Autumn has arrived in Australia and it's great to see some sexy neutrals mixed in with fall colours and rich blacks. When I saw all of the above pieces, I felt jealous that we're hitting Spring here in the UK! 

The Faux Fur Glam Cardi is just a lovely piece and I actually adore the neutral tone of the tassle on the Midi Skirt. I saw online there were some mixed Facebook reactions to the Amber Flame Dress - but for me - this was my winning piece of the week's latest releases. I like the off centre pattern, wide straps, gorgeous drape and high sweetheart neckline. Courtney also carries this dress with ease and I rekon it would be a lazy sexy outfit... You know - the ones you put on, need minimal effort - but still look like a million bucks. The Amber Flame Dress is that kind of outfit for me!

I would love to know your favourites on the CC site at the moment? I bet you'd look hot in all of them. x.

Em. x.


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