Welcome to Studio 54

Hello ladies! Welcome to Studio 54. A collection that features glittering golds, rich teals and a seriously amazing Ponte jacket!! I am a little addicted to Ponte fabric at the moment. It sits so beautifully on all body shapes and is so easy to mix with other textures, which means even moooooore wardrobe options woohoo!

When I saw the jacket & skirt from this collection I instantly thought: super stylish work wear with a twist! It’s never been so easy to look amazing and feel comfortable!

Tip: Tuck cami in and wear skirt high waisted with teal belt to break up the black and gold! (this look also works with the pink MOD belt or any of the coloured belts from CC if you don’t like teal)

I love the Chiffon Vest! It’s Pretty, floral, earthy and simple – reminds me of a different 70’s era. A cute way to dress up your basics.


Tip: Swap shorts and leggings for jeans if you’re not comfortable showing your legs.

What do you girls think of the new Studio 54 collection? Oooh and what's everyone wearing on their Valentines Day adventures?

x x x Kirsty


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