A Wee Scottish Sojourn!

Scottish Seaside.

I've had a great little weekend just gone... My boyfriend and I hit Scotland for a lovely LONG weekend, and while we were lucky with the weather (freezing cold, but the sun still shining) - we managed to see some great sights.

Highland Cows!

I have to say, in the UK - it is pretty FAB how easily you can travel about. We flew into Edinburgh, drove to St. Andrews and then did mini road trips across four days of beautiful landscape and history!

St. Andrews Cathedral Ruins. Amazing and Beautiful.

On our last day, my boyfriend surprised me with a trip to Edinburgh Zoo to see The Pandas. I adore Pandas, so this was a really special treat for me!


Back in London this week, I've been catching up with friends and enjoying the cold spell. I've told you previously, that the weather here has been really mild this Winter - well, it seems, February is going to see a last little cold snap descend. It's FREEZING. Of course, this means - under my Winter Coat, I look deliciously fabulous in my City Chic gear and I get to do a big reveal, everywhere I go. Temperatures inside, in the UK can be extremely hot through Winter, so you kind of have to dress like a little Ski Bunny for outside, and a short sleeved babe - for indoors.

I like taking my photos outside, where possible - so here I am, Winter Coatless and combatting WIND!


Ha. Ha. Seriously. How great is the Mod Collection right now? City Chic is nailing this look and here I've gone for simple clothing elements - but still look fierce.


So - I've teamed the Drape Back Tunic, with the Hot Pink Belt, Elbow Sleeve Shrug and Full Length Leggings. I'm also actually wearing the City Chic Thigh Shapers in these shots because apart from giving great shape - they are also lovely and warming!

PhotobucketI would say this look was actually inspired by the Contrast Sash Tunic and the thing I love most about this whole outfit? I can mix it up. The Drapey Tunic I'm wearing is amazing and versatile. I can wear it without a belt, with jeans, with different accessories - so simple, yet totally workable. I love that.

As I mentioned in my last post, I'm spending this weekend with a bunch of European bloggers at Plus London Two to discuss fashion and frivolity here in the UK and abroad. I can't wait!

I've totally chosen my outfit too. From the Mod Collection. Of Course!

In about two weeks, I am doing another Your Looks, Your City Chic Post - so be sure and email me your photos or upload them to the City Chic Facebook page.

Until next week Ladies!

Em. x.


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