Skater Girl

Who has been watching Channel 10's latest hit 'The New Girl' starring the cute and quirky Zooey Deschanel? So far we are only a few episodes into the series but I am loving it, it is hilarious! What I am also loving though is the fashion, lead character Jess (Zooey) wears some very cute outfits! Like this red dress in the opening credits, does it look familiar?...

Zooey's red dress is an exact match to my ALL TIME FAVOURITE City Chic dress the Ice Skater Dress. Honestly ladies this dress is one of the most comfortable and flattering dresses I own. It doesn't stop there though, love the Skater Dress style but not the sleeves? Perhaps you'd like a different colour? Well lucky for you City Chic have released a few more options for you:

3. Strapless Skater Dress - $99.95
4. Skater Girl Dress - $69.95 (Only M's left).

You may remember me rocking my Ice Skater Dress at the Gold Coast in one of my past posts. The Ice Skater Dress is my pick because of the sleeves and the cute little belt. It is my favourite dress and I am itching to go out this weekend just so I can wear it again!

Which Skater Dress is your favourite?


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