Plus London!

Plus London Event.
Cupcakes were made by blogger Wendy especially for the night event!

Plus London Two happened at the weekend. It was AMAZING. Literally - 100 bloggers from across the UK and Europe. I'm talking curvy girls from England, Germany, Switzerland, France, Belgium... etc.! It was a melting pot of people talking fashion and plus size style!

I wore two outfits for Plus London - and City Chic clothing was present for both. Of Course! Through the day, I needed my City Chic Pleather Jacket to help keep me warm!

Plus London Event. City Chic jacket, Anna Scholz dress. Boombands Em.
City Chic Jacket looks SLAMMIN' with my stunning, colourful dress by designer Anna Scholz

During the day, we went to the studios of Designer Anna Scholz to look at her latest collections, as well as try outfits and discuss gorgeous fashion. It was a great day - with lots of different girls of all shapes and sizes trying clothes and cooing over fabrics and prints. It was also truly wonderful to talk with Anna herself about her inspiration and designs! I think everyone LOVED the day!

Plus London Event. Anna Scholz Q&A. Boombands Em.
Designer Anna Scholz discusses fashion with girls at Plus London.

The night time event was a FABULOUS party! Yes it was!!! And would you believe, that after a relatively quiet Winter - it snowed all night! Crazy! I did a costume change for the Party and decided to go a little vintage with one of the Latest City Chic Mod Release dresses, as well as some of my CC Staples!

Plus London Event. City Chic dress. Boombands Em.

It was so much fun. I'd say that ALL the girls at the Plus London Party really wanted to take time with each other and enjoy talking fashion. It's a strange world when you blog - you connect with so many people, but talking to them (in person) is very rare. This event gave us an excellent opportunity to just enjoy each other.

I loved catching up with Lauren of Pocket Rocket at the event.

Plus London Event. City Chic dress. Boombands Em.
Outfit Details:
Love Me Polka Dot Dress

I had such fun. One of my favourite things as well? There were non-bloggers there. Girls who READ all the blogs were invited too and for me, that was one of my favourite things. I email with some of the people who read my blog posts pretty often, so it is always lovely to meet those people in person!

Bring on Plus London Three, I say!

Loves - Em. x.


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