Jeans Jeans Jeans.


Fact is, I used to wear jeans every day. Yup. From 12 to about 27, I pretty much ONLY wore jeans. Jeans and t-shirts, jeans and singlets, jeans and jumpers. 

Jeans. Jeans. Jeans. 

SINCE I've been about 27, I've pretty much only worn dresses and sometimes (these days) shorts and skirts. At that golden age, 27 - I don't entirely know what happened, my mum bought me a dress and then soon after -  they became my clothing of choice. In the last few years, I have worn jeans a once or twice:

From one of my CC posts in January 2011 on Alpine Accessories

In my recent Scottish post, I mentioned a City Chic Tunic that could be worn with jeans... and one of you kind of challenged me on that! I was asked by my lovely challenger about how often I ever really wear jeans. I kind of loved that...

The thing is, I'm a big believer in trying new things, learning about my own sense of fashion and being dynamic. This little jean challenge made me think about how I actually rule out a whole bunch of choices and styles because of my lack of denim. SO here I go...  And from now on I'll try myself in some CC jeans every now and then to help show you a couple of different looks!


I've gone for High Waist Skinny jeans for this post. Because I'm constantly in leggings, I thought High Waist Skinnys would kind of replicate the feeling of my leggings and therefore feel safe for me to wear out and about... Changing up a look can be much easier when you have a little comfort and confidence.

I teamed my Cool Cat High Waist jeans with my Strappy Lovebird Top and a Cardigan. I'm wearing proper snow sneakers and can confirm I was FREEZING when I took off my winter coat to take these shots for you.

To be honest, the day, while freezing, was beautiful as it hadd snowed the night before. My boyfriend and I headed into central London to walk through St. James Park right by Buckingham Palace. It's been a much milder winter this year and I always relish a chance to enjoy snow, so the weekend was a real treat. These shots were taken about ten days ago and looking through them again makes me wish it would snow again!


In St. James' Park with Buckingham Palace in the background. Fancy!

I liked the outfit I chose for this post. I liked how I felt and looking at the shots, I'm glad for that small challenge about jeans! I am sure next time, I will get some MORE shots too... Gotta grow my jean confidence a bit, first! 

Meanwhile, I'm about to get online and browse through some more City Chic clothing... any more challenges? Or anything else you want me to wear WITH the jeans?


Em. x.

PS... To my dear challenger - I promise, more jeans to come!

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