Wishful Thinking...


Oh lovelies! Over the sales, I managed to get my paws on the AMAZING City Chic Plait Shoulder Tunic (sold out online) and today - with the sun shining at 8am - I couldn't resist wearing it. Hmm.

PhotobucketFoolish me! Of course, by 9am in the UK Winter - clouds had arrived and I was glad to have a coat! I must say though, this is such an amazing, comfortable dress. It is made of a luscious jersey material and I love the shoulder cutouts... There's also a sneaky keyhole in the cleavage that let my boobies have a little air. On a braver day, I might even replace my black bra with a red one! Woot WOO!

I teamed the dress with some cute CC Lace Leggings and some knee-high boots. Looking at these pictures - I can see my pale winter complexion blazing out!

I must say, I mostly wore this for myself today. I really knew this morning, that there was no way I could really get this dress "out and about" on the streets of London... What with it being freezing! But I wore it in the shops! I felt FAB and kind of lazily attractive. Does that make sense? It's one of those dresses - kind of slouchy and flowy but also effortlessly sexy.

(Meanwhile on the right, I thought I would show you my Winter Coat - S.E.X.Y!)

What about yourself? Did you get amazing things in the sales?  You can see from this shot - I headed to a jewellery store today to pick up a bargain! Sales here in the UK are just about to end...

The City Chic sales are still going strong on both the Australian and Stateside sites - as well as in-store! There are so many great prices out there and I would love to hear what you've been buying for yourself... I bet you're looking good!

Tell me! 

Smooches my darlings! I hope your 2012 is rocking along very well. 



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