MOD - Love Your Body by Kirsty Kovacs


Noun: An unconventionally modern style of fashionable dress originating in England in the 1960s.


1. in or characteristic of this unconventionally modern style.

2. Fashionably up-to-date, especially in style, design, or dress.

What a stylish way to start the year off! MOD is such a distinct trend, it’s so sophisticated and I looove it. The most amazing thing about this collection is how versatile the pieces are. I think it’s important to have a few items in your wardrobe that you can re-invent as the trends change. There are a lot of classic cuts and beautiful fabrics that drape well and hang nicely on a curvy figure.


Reading previous blog posts from the lovely Em & Hope and listening to you girls voice your opinions in store about seeing the fabulous clothing on a variety of body shapes has inspired me!! Working for City Chic and Freelancing in makeup artistry has given me the best of both worlds so I decided it was time to combine the two and involve a regular customer in a photo shoot featuring her Favourites from the new MOD collection.

- Behind the Scenes

Over the weekend I teamed up with Ashleigh Easthope (regular SA customer) and Beauty/Fashion Photographer Jacqueline Clare Morris (who is also a CC Shopper) J. We had previously discussed the outfits & knew we wanted to keep the images simple but stylish and a little sexy. Despite the heat (It was seriously hot in SA) we got through makeup and styling and ended up with some fabulous photos that show a gorgeous, curvy girl comfortable in her own skin.

Meet Ashleigh: A 23 year old professional who is size 22 to 24, Curvy & Confident!

The dresses! They are gorgeous!”Ashleigh on what she loves about MOD

“I don’t really have a style, but I love matching dresses with leggings. And any “punk” style hoodies”! Ashleigh on her own style

“The photo shoot was fantastic! I had great people to work with and they made the whole experience fun”!Ashleigh on her photo shoot experience

I hope you girls love the photos as much as we do, Please show your support and leave your thoughts below or congratulate Ashleigh on a fantastic job.

<3 Kirsty xxx


All clothing by City Chic

Photographer: Jacqueline Clare Morris

Makeup: Me J

Model: Asheligh Easthope


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